Horns, Glitch, and Suspended

Hello Jammers! Sorry (again) for the late post. 

Today's new item are the Horns in Bahari Bargains. 

Hmm. Well I usually don't go underwater very much. But, it is a cool item. 

There is, actually, even more new items:

Neck Bolts (Bahari Bargains):

Scary Barrel Sponge (Sunken Treasures):

Werewolf Mask (Haunted Forest Shop):

World Animal Day Banner(Jam-Mart Furniture):

Patch of Fog(Haunted Forest Shop):

Phantom Cannon(Sunken Treasures):

Scary Antlers (Jam-Mart Clothing):

Those are A LOT of new items. Yeesh! My favorite one is probably the Patch of Fog. For some reason, I really like to use that item in all of my dens. It adds a ghostly feel. 

There is also, a glitch that my friend found:

They had a blanket on, with their Hyena. GASP! Maybe its the flying carpet! Aladdin Outfit here I come! 

Also, I have a story for you guys. It happened to me yesterday.

So I was hanging out with my friend and we were sending gifts to each other. When I was typing it, my screen went black and I got suspended for three days. It doesn't tell me why. I would check my Parent Dashboard. BUT, the e-mail linked to the Parent Dashboard, got shut-down thanks to Yahoo!. 

So I don't know what to do. I could either call them or just not be on Animal Jam for the next few days.
EMAILING is not an option, because you know how Animal Jam replies are,

Me:"Hello! My account, (mldriver) got suspended for an unknown reason, and my parent dashboard isn't working."
AJHQ: "You should check your parent account for more information! DON'T FORGET TO BUY MEMBERSHIP!!!!!11!1!!1!!!!!!11"
Me: *eye twitch 

So that's it for today, 
See You In Jamaa! (once I get my account back)
Contact me at: mldriver.jamaa@gmail.com


  1. maybe they suspended u for scamming. but of course u would never do that, right?

    1. I would never scam! Why would you ever think that? :I

    2. I don't think Mldriver is like that! =.=
      She would never scam anyone! :)

      Apparently, I have been getting a lot of inappropriate warnings for saying stuff which were never actually inappropriate. :T
      It's like 8 times I've got those. I think the same thing happened to her (she didn't say anything inappropriate but got warnings) and it might have been that she got a lot of warnings which made her get suspended...
      Sorry to be hearing this... but... I can't do anything... >.<
      Hope you can play AJ sooner and find the reason....

  2. Wacky...
    Yeah, if I was you i'd call them. Sorry todo hear this, I hope you manage to sort it out.

  3. Woah! Loads of new items today! I agree with you on the fog thingy. I don't visit underwater lands much, though, too. Most of today's items are underwater... Lel! No, it's equal. XD


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