Spooky Table, A Million Apologies, and Jammer Sundae #8

I AM SO TERRIBLY SORRY! You see, I am still sick, and I was not able to get onto my computer until now. When I get sick, I am restricted from my devices, and I have to sneak on if I want to get any "Jamming" done >.<

The new item for today is the Spooky Table. A partner for the spooky rug, this will look great in any haunted den. Don't worry though, this one is actually more spooky than the rug! Hmm, it looks a bit like a headless turtle though... Anywho, get yours today for 450 gems!

And now, it is time for the think that many of you have been waiting for but has been delayed due to Arcticstar's horrible immune system! So today, will be double the length of a regular Jammer Sundae.

Today we have a Jammer Sundae sent in by Jammers25127!

Winnie the pooh! But not in the Hundred Acre Woods- in Jamaa!!

Next up, some silly ducks stealing!

A rather strange looking car:

A rather strange looking cat:

Don't let the burglar in!!

Unless he's cute...

More cuteness:

And finally, a strange animal pairing! I just love it when two natural enemies become best friends:

Finally: Our fact of the day!

The giant squid has a doughnut shaped brain.

Now there is one doughnut I would NOT want to be eating... That's all for today folks!

Adventure Awaits

Something to say? You can reach me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com


  1. Love the Sundaes today! Get well soon! And the Winnie the Pooh panda? Pure genius, jammers25127!

  2. HAHAHAHA! LOL! Loved it! <33

  3. XD Thanks for posting my Pooh Bear, Arcticstar!

  4. Please look at my blog
    search on google: animaljamforestblog.blogspot.com

  5. I had no idea squids even had brains!

  6. Wow! There's so much I donut know… :P


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