Eyeball Antennae and Outfits

Hello Jammers, Mldriver here!

There are a couple of new items for today..

I personally like and dislike this item. I like it because of it's creativity. And I dislike it because it's to closely related to the Eyeball Hat. You can get this item in Jam-Mart Clothing.

I love to incorporate these pumpkins in my den. They are fun to work with. You can get this at Treetop Gardens (Sarepia Forest)  What is your favorite den?

And then we have the Skeleton Throne, but I couldn't get the picture of that. It's located in the Spooky Party.

For Halloween, I have created some outfits that you can use.

They aren't that great...
Which one do you like the best? My favorite is the wolf. 

That's it for today Jammers!
See you in Jamaa
Contact me at: mldriver.jamaa@gmail.com


  1. My favorite is the wolf to and i am so excited for tomorrow jammer sundaes!

  2. Cool post! My favorite was the bunny! ^.^
    I'll be sure to make it when I get all of those items! :)

  3. personally, I like the bunny.


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