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How are you today? Good? If not, I hope that your day gets better. Let's get going!

Returning to stores, we have the Monster teeth. These were considered fairly 'rare' in the past so I expect many people are going to be upset with this item's return. Anywho, this item can be bought for 500 gems, and it is perfect for all your spooky adventures around Jamaa. Now go and scare some phantoms!

Sold in Jam Mart Clothing

Our second item is a new one, the Spooky Radio, sold for 500 gems. It is great for playing scary music- don't forget to buy this as it is a great addition to the Spooky Item Collection. 

Sold in Jam Mart Furniture

Next, Jammers25127 sent in a cool photo from someone's den:

I must say, this is quite impressive, and very creative. Thanks for sending this in, and kudos to the person who made this!

Finally, the factual part of the post:

Today's word is:

Benevolence- the desire to do good to others

A very nice word indeed, I will have to remind my self to use this one more often.

Today's fact is;

The only food that doesn't rot is honey.

Hmm, this is quite interesting. Well my friends, have fun knowing that if no one ever eats or does anything with the honey in your kitchen, it will probably outlive you XD

Adventure Awaits!

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  1. I learned that word in English class last year. Hey, Arctic, what's up? Plus, what's with the Horse Claw giveaway?

    1. Hello! The horse claw giveaway has long since ended, and the winner was ShadowCharizard. My apologies, I didn't get to posting the results on the blog.

  2. That watermelon picture was on Animal Jam Spirit. BUT since it is taken by someone else, it is fine

    1. Oh, was it? I had no idea- I do not usually check the AJS anymore.

  3. Arcticstar is awesome!October 24, 2014 at 6:01 PM

    You don't seem as enthusiastic in your posts anymore :( arcticstar, did people tell you to stop being enthusiastic or something DX

    1. Ya .she is so down at first I thought she was mldriver.(no offence)
      you ok articstar?

    2. Well there are a couple of reasons why I am not enthusiastic in my posts:
      1) I usually get up 30 minuets before I usually do (for school) and so I am still half asleep.
      2) I have kinda stopped being enthusiastic because I thought I was to peppy.

      I could be more peppy and upbeat, if you wanted. However, rarely anyone comments on my posts, making it difficult to understand what I should work on.

      And how was I "down" in my writing?
      The thing is, (in my posts), that I don't want to change the tone of the writing piece to quickly.

      This isn't meant to sound rude at all. I am just curious what I should work on to make a better reading experience for you.

    3. I had no idea anyone felt this way- I thought that my posts were too annoying, and that was why no one seemed to enjoy my posts. I could return to the original enthusiasm if you'd like (I would personally prefer that). Thank you so much for your comment- it made me feel a lot better about my posting! For the longest time I thought that no one liked my posts!

      Regarding Mldriver, her posts are great! I believe Mldriver and I have two different styles of posting, though that doesn't change anything does it?

      Thanks again for the comment it really made my day, and helped me to realize my posts have not lost all hope XD

      Good day!!

    4. if you want to change back you can remember not to let anyone change you again, because you being special makes you you and you are awesome.

  4. now for the (long awaited) story I cant believe how longit took and even on a promis! and btw this is erin hunter names.

    chapter 2 lusa
    lusaj umped up catching the fruit "let me have that!" yogi demanded "no I am hungry catch your own food!"


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