Spooky Fence, Jack -O'- Latern Head and Item Spotlight#7

Hello, Mldriver here today.

We have a couple of new items in the stores..

We have the Jack-O'-Lantern head at Bahari Bargains. The mouse does look odd. But, I have to give it credit it, it's holding his breath underwater.

Next, we have the Scary Fence in Outback Imports. It looks like it was made out of phantoms. The color of it, and the little legs sticking out. 

The Daily Explorer shows us how to send in artwork!

I have actually been wondering this myself. Thanks AJHQ!

And now, we have Item Spotlight! 

This week's item is the Liza Staff, or the Staff.

I think only one jammer has it. I am sure though, that AJHQ will either take it away, or put it in stores. It looks like a Diamond Shop/Epic Wonders item. 

That's it for today, See you in Jamaa!
Contact me here: mldriver.jamaa@gmail.com


  1. It could be holding its breath underwater, or it could be, you know...

    The spooky fence might be inspired from the Bitter Sweets adventure. I know the spooky table was seen in the laboratory.

    I don't think AJHQ directly released items that allow you to dress like an Alpha, but maybe close to one. I've been wanting to dress like Sir Gilbert for a while, but I might have to revise the design a bit because not all items are available to make the exact outfit.

  2. Ooooh, I really hope they make that staff a item that's nonmember! That would be SO cool!
    ~feming (aka fem)

    I guess AJ took them away just like the skullies! >.<
    I really hope to be seeing one. They could make great outfits! ^.<

  4. I love animal jam ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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