September Comment Contest Winners

First of all, I am very sorry about being late to announce this. You all worked very hard this past month for the contest, I wish I could give prizes to everyone! However, since the top two finalists were so close, I will give a few extra prizes to the 2nd place winner. Anyway, In first place was Voxel Punch, and in second was Sweetpanda. Both of them wrote over 1,000 comments in September alone, that's a record!

Voxel Punch has won:

And Sweetpanda has won:

Enjoy your prizes! Sweetpanda: I will give you your prizes once you are online again!

Comment Question: What type of contest would you like next?


PS: September 2014 broke the record for pageviews in a month - more than 96,000! Thank you all, I can't wait to surpass 100,000 in a month!


  1. YAY thx soo much for the prizes Pumma!

  2. Awesome job everyone! Congrats to the top two winners!

  3. You can also you post your contest ideas on the new forum thread:

  4. how about a story contest and u leave ur user at the bottom just for some ppl i am gonna see if i can use goggle acount or something.but for peoples who's parents wont sighn up.


  5. yay i did it!but its my mom's name not mine

  6. congrats ppl who won you should be proud! :)

    1. Yeah! I am so happy--and proud! ^.^
      I am having such a happy day! :D

  7. Thank you so much! :DDD
    I can't believe it! ^.^
    Thank you!!! CCCCCC:

  8. I have some ideas about some contests! Since many people couldn't join this one, I hope next time you organize something which is join-able for everyone!
    Here are my suggestions:
    1. A Poem Contest
    2. A Story Contest
    3. A Drawing Contest
    4. Questions about Jamaa
    5. Snapshot Contest (ppl take snaps in Jamaa and you decide which are the best)
    6. Guess-The-Place Contest (you take snaps from diff places of Jamaa and we have to guess)
    7. Best Den Contest
    8. Best Animal Contest
    9. Riddles about places in Jamaa
    10. Jamaa Quiz (Questions about Jamaa--maybe from the betas so we can learn)
    Okay. That's all the ideas I've got for now. I may be telling you some more later.
    Thanks again, you brightened up my day! ^.^

  9. Whoah, 1000 comments? That's so awesome!
    I wish I could've entered, but I didn't have that much time.

  10. Wow, that was a great idea for a contest! I think you should do like a create an item contest, or maybe a contest where we guess a number between about 1-100 and whoever gets closest gets a prize. If two people comment the same number, only count the one that commented first. I hope this helped!

  11. i am new to this so yeah and if anyone has any codes it would be helpful of you guys


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