Epic Dragon Skull


Today in the land of Jamaa, we have a new (and spooky) item- the Epic Dragon Skull. Ah yes, I believe this is a returning item. I have seen many people wearing it before, most commonly with the skeletal wings that go with it. I happen to have one myself from an adventure. Anywho, this item is perfect for all those that wish to have something more cool than just a regular epic dragon mask. Get this lovely dragon skull for 600 gems.

Sold in Epic Wonders

And yet again, I have decided to add something even MORE to my posts. A word of the day (as well as the fact of the day).

Today's wonderful word is codswallop. Yes it is a real word, some of you may have heard it before.
Definition: nonsense.  Let's get on to the fact of the day shall we?

Fact of the day: Scientists have found out that in the wild, dolphins have names for each other. Research shows that they even call out these names.

What an interesting fact, it is amazing that they do these things. So many things we have yet to discover!

Good smarts to you!

Adventure Awaits

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  1. Arctic! Hi! Sorry for not commenting for a long time! This format of Blogger makes it laggy and all... Sorry!

    1. Hello, that's quite alright. I understand the lagging problems, I have had similar problems before.

  2. I know a word you can do for the next word of the day: sonder. Search it up, I love the definition. I suggest you copy and paste because the definition is really long. XD Also, I recommend you look at the images of sonder rather than "web".

    1. Great suggestion! I will be sure to keep that in mind, thanks!

  3. i love animal jam, but some HACKER stole my spike and i.am.finding him!


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