Snow Patch?

Greetings, my friends, and welcome to another day!

Our new item is sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 350 gems, and is available to both Non-members and Members alike! Introducing..... The Snow Patch? Why would you pay for snow? Explain your reasoning AJHQ! Anywho, if this item 'tickles your fancy' be sure to buy one today!

It is literally just a clump of snow!
Next, I have another Comment Call (I hope mldriver won't mind me using her term...) for you! I personally think this is a very big question. Here it is: Where is Jamaa? Is it on Earth? A different planet? Put your thinking caps on- I am excited to hear what your theories are? Please, you are more than welcome to rant! This ought to be good!

Now it is time for the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:

Ethereal: Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.

What a beautiful word!

Our fascinating fact of the day:

In the Netherlands, there is an ethereal village called Giethoorn. In this village, cars are prohibited, electrical wires are underground, and the main mode of travel is by boat!

It is my dream to live there- someday, I shall make it there, and my soul will be at peace... (well that was deep) Another question for you: Where do you dream to live? If not a specific place, describe what would be your ideal setting! Don't be afraid to go into detail!

Good Smarts!

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  1. Hmm... I believe Jamaa is either on Another planet or in an alternate universe.
    I would Say it was on an island on earth, But With all the crazy tech humans have thought up They probably would have found it by now and taken all the animals in for testing (I should probably make a fanfic about that tho..)

    Another theory I have is that Jamaa is on earth but takes place in the future once Humans have died out, But that theory is sorta disproved by the History of Mira and Zios.

    Jamaa could be on another planet Like earth, But different. However As much as I love aliens and believing there is life on other planets, The theory of Jamaa being on another planet just doesn't settle with me well..

    Now this is my favorite theory and probably the one i'm going to stick with for now, Jamaa is Earth in an alternate universe.
    Now this really shouldn't take much explaining, But Really anything can happen in an alternate universe, So why not rainbow colored talking animals?

    1. Interesting theories! ^.^

      Honestly, I can't really imagine Jamaa being its own, individual planet. I think it's an area that (a) humans haven't discovered yet or like you said (b) the futuristic Earth where humans died off. Like, I dunno, its own world within Earth. There are climates and ecosystems in Jamaa that are on Earth. So.....

      I think what I'm trying to say is that I agree with/think similarly to some if your theories here. ^-^ XD

    2. I think that the theory of yours that Jamaa is on Earth, but in the future, is pretty neat! And that would explain why so many of the items on Animal Jam are so... human oriented. Its like the animals have seen the human artifacts such as couches and chairs, and redesigned them. And maybe, just maybe, the animals are multicolored because of the various chemicals that humans release into the atmosphere from factories and whatnot.
      P.S.- You really should right that fanfic, though. >w<

  2. 1. We have to pay to drink water, and snow has water, so I guess it's fair.

    2. According to the old AJ legends, Zios created many planets and stars and set them in motion. Maybe this means that Jamaa is its own planet.

    3. I don't really have a dream place to live. But I do fancy Hawaii, Paris, and Canada.

  3. Fuck this blog it's so stupid

    1. You have your own opinion, and I respect that. But, if you are so caught on this blog being stupid, why do you waste your time commenting on how stupid it is? By the way, this blog is for a kids game, therefore, that is not acceptable language. Have a fine day, my good sir. Keep being that little ball of sunshine that you are! (SARCASM. Ever heard of it?)

  4. Jamaa is located in a tiny universe inside your computer, where the animals wear clothes and you have to pay for snow. XP

    Also, I would like to live right here in my hometown (I apologize that it's boring). It is the place I've always lived, though, so I think I will live here for the rest of my life. However, I want to travel around the world.
    Here are two of my goals:
    1. To visit every continent in the world (outside of the airport and for more than an hour)
    2. To visit every state in the United States (outside of the airport and for more than an hour)

    ~piggoesoink (aka poorbunny103)

  5. im piggoesoink and i think this blogs dum
    lol y would anyone red it????????


    1. I know you think this blog is good by your previous comments. Don't mimic the other Anonymous. And I'm pretty sure your mimicking/trolling around based on the grammar and spelling of your comment. Please don't spread (or at least attempt to) the meanness. -.-

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. How dare you say that about this blog

    2. This is the second person that I've had to reply to while scrolling today. I understand that everyone is opinionated, and I respect that. But, if you insist this blog is stupid, why must you spend your time to comment on this page? Once again, this is a blog for a kids game, therefore, that is not acceptable language. Have a FINE day, you little ball of sunshine. (SARCASM. Ever heard of it?)

  7. With useless items that are nonmember I make a smiley face out of them.

  8. Hullo! Let's get straight to the point. Here we go.
    1- I think that Jamaa is some undiscovered point on earth, being unreachable to humans. The animals may be multicolored because of chemical intake, since us humans produce so many chemicals with our factories and whatnot. I think they'd be able to leave, whilst picking up some human goodies, such as; sofas and tables and toys, thus deciding to remake them. They may start going extinct since, when they leave, they are exposed to hunters. Their houses/dens may be fashioned with the idea of houses of humans' in mind.
    2- My ideal place to live would be either in Alaska, Sweden, or England. Alaska due to the fact that it would be cool, with all the nature and work and whatnot. Sweden, due to the fact that its cold, and I like the cold, also that Pewdiepie lives there, and he's awesome. England, due to J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, also that I believe that England is a very fascinating place, with the weather and all the landmarks.
    Phew! That was a ton of typing. There we go. >w< ^.^


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