Mermaid Necklace!

Greetings Jammers! At this time, I am unable to add pictures (much to my annoyment). This, I will add pictures at a later time. My apologies!

Today, in Land (rather, ocean) of  Jamaa, we have a returning clothing item! Welcoming back the Mermaid Necklace (sold in Bahari Bargains). You can buy this item for 550 gems. Hmm, there are no humans in Jamaa, are there? Why then, is there a MERMAID? Which brings me back to my question from several posts ago (Where is Jamaa?). You all gave excellent answers by the way, go pat yourself on the back!

Today, I have another curious Curious Question for you! If Jamaa were real, where would the animals live? Where would the dens be located? Who even builds the dens?! Is there a separate island? Do Jammers or Shamans build the dens? You tell me!

And finally, the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:
Astir: moving or stirring, especially with much activity or excitement

What an interesting word!

Next, our fact of the day!
There are actually people who study the science of laughing, have professional jobs relating to the science of laughter! 

The things that you can learn; it's fascinating!

Good bye!

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  1. Maybe a specific type of Jammers create the dens. Because it's their industry/occupation. Haha- idk. :P
    Except for Cosmo's den. He made his own den because he felt like that. Wait no. All the Alphas made their own dens. Eh, a guess.

  2. I think there's a land where all the dens are, but it's hidden away from the map. c:

  3. Isn't it Monday? Where's the rare item Monday??
    Sorry, not trying to be mean. Just pointing that out. :3


    1. Well for some people they don't have school today since its Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but some do. So maybe that's why they haven't post yet


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