Moon Lamp and Play Wild Beta

Happy Thursday! The week is almost over, and then there will be the weekend! 

If you liked the Sun Lamp, well then you'll like this!

The Moon Lamp! You can purchase this in Jam-Mart Clothing. I really like this item because of it's close relation to astronomy. 

Also, have you heard of Play Wild Beta yet?

It's Animal Jam's unreleased app! It's really awesome! Everything is 3D. 

So, how do you get it? 

Well, you can only get it, if you have the Android v4.1 Tablet. But. your not finished. You need to apply to be a tester. It's not that hard at all!

All you have to do, is type your e-mail, associated to your Google Play Account. However, if you do not get chosen to be a Play Wild Beta player, then try again! There are also other opportunities. Here is the link:

If you are looking to find some videos on what it looks like, here is the best one I could find:

Well, that's all for today Jammers! See you in Jamaa! 

Comment Call:
Are you excited for Play Wild Beta? 

1 comment:


    PWB seems pretty cool so far. (Mainly because none of the annoying, snobby children (scammers, hackers, maters, beggers, adoption-beggers, self-centered, etc.) are there. Hopefully, they won't come barging in peaceful PWB.)


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