Jamaa Journal VOL. 137

Sorry for my recent late posts! I sometimes do this, however, if I am running late, or I want to make a better post! Anyways, let's start with this tiny update!

There is now a new adventure called Special Delivery! But wait, didn't we have an update last Thursday? What's going on? I wish they would of made a segment about this, instead of making a new Jamaa Journal! However, the adventure itself, seems pretty neat! But before we check out the adventure, let's see the new item!

The Heart Ring, located in Epic Wonders! I do say, this is a really nice item and all, but, don't you think we have enough rings in Animal Jam? I would give this item a 2/5.
Now that we have that covered, let's travel back to that new adventure!

For easy access to the adventure, click My Parties, and click on Special Delivery!

You first start out on the adventure, talking to a kind owl named Rose! She explains that you need to deliver some valentine letters!

You need to deliver, at first, 30 letters to different dens located on the map! It sounds pretty fun, so let's get started!

These little huts are adorable! I wonder if Animal Jam will make a tree-trunk den soon! Who knows? 

Don't forget, to also check out the Friendship Festival Party!

I am glad that they finally changed some of the items sold here. I was hoping for the Rose Garland to come back! 

Last but not least, we have a GIF and the winner of the True or False Question! 

The winner is....

Poorbunny103! Congrats, the prize will be sent soon! And if you're non-member, then negotiate a time you can get on in the comments. :)

The GIF of the day is..

I personally think Jellyfishes are amazing, they are delicate, but powerful!  

And the true or false question today is...

In the weightlessness of space, if a frozen pea touches Pepsi, it will blow up.

True or false?

Well that's all for today Jammers! I will see you on Saturday!


  1. I'm going to guess True, because if it's in the vacuum of space then the weightlessness is really inconsequential. Is the Pepsi still a liquid, or frozen? It wouldn't last long as a liquid in space to do the experiment. But similarly, if you put a frozen rock into a hot fire, the rock will explode (or maybe just crack). So if somehow you got the Pepsi to remain liquid long enough in space and have them collide, then yes the pea should blow up.

  2. Awesome post! Hmm... I am guessing false, since I have absolutely no idea. :P

  3. I could be on at 7:00 (EST).

    But if I don't get the prize, it doesn't really matter.



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