Pink Flamingo and Jammer Sundae #19

Greetings Jammers!

Today in the land of Jamaa we have a new item! This item is non-member, pink, and sold for 350 gems in Jam Mart Furniture. Can you guess what it is? Introducing the Pink Flamingo!

I was not expecting this! Aren't flamingos more of a 'summer thing'? Hmm...

I have another question for you today! Where are the owls coming from? What is their history? Who is their leader? Are they an old and noble clan of birds? Are they escapees from a phantom invasion? You tell me! Feel free to go into depth about it too!

And now it is time for and owl-licious:

Kitty? Kitty come down! Come down please!

Fluffy. More fluffy. Dramatic look!

Dun Dun Dun

Everybody get off the dance floor- The King is here!

Finally we have a picture of- OH DID YOU SEE THAT?

That is all for today's Jammer Sundae!

And now for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Diaphonous: Light, delicate, and translucent.

This word is mostly used to describe fabric!

And finally our fact of the day:

It's true!

Good Smarts!

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  1. Cool jammer sundae. ^-^

    Hmm, I think I need to make up a story about the owls. Okay, here it is:

    "We're under attack!" screeched an owl to Sapphire's right, "The phantoms are invading!"
    Sapphire gasped. This part of the forest was usually left unharmed, but the phantoms had been getting more courageous lately. She flew, as fast as her wings could take her, to the Great Oak Tree, where the elder owls roosted. "Elder Sako, Elder Trakyl, we're under attack! The phantoms are here."
    Outside, flames raged and lightning raged. The owls were fighting for their lives, but they couldn't last long against the phantom army. The elder called Sako blinked. He pulled out an amulet from a hidden crevice in the tree. He pressed it into Sapphire's talon. "Take this. It will help you find your way to Jamaa, where you will be safe. We are too old to make the journey, but you are young and strong. You are owlkind's only hope."
    She bowed her head. "I'll try my best."
    The elders spread their wings and screeched loudly as a fire started at the base of the Great Oak Tree. "Hurry!" cried Takyl.
    Quickly, she took flight. Soaring into the open air, she blinked. She wasn't used to the brightness of the sunrise, but there was no time to stop now. As fast as she could, she flew. Finally, when she was a safe distance away, she turned to see what had become of her home. The last few owls were still standing, but it was obvious the phantoms had already won. And they knew it, too. Brushing away a tear with her wingtip, Sapphire focused on her mission. If she could only make it to Jamaa…
    No, not yet. First she had to find a tree to spend the night, somewhere a safe distance away. Only then would she be able to help her family and friends…

    Hope you enjoyed. ^-^
    ~piggoesoink :P

  2. Here's my story

    The Phantom Fortress is a place very far away, yet very close. This huge phantom base is the center of destruction, where King Ghoul spawns phantoms to wreck havoc on Jamaa. In the fortress, there is one building, a big dungeon where animals of many shapes and sizes are locked up for eternity. Ever since Greely discovered this dungeon, Alphas have been trying to get into the dungeon and free all of the animals. In fact, when Greely was trapped in "The Search For Greely", he was trying to free the animals from the dungeon.

    Part 2 Coming Soon!

    1. The alphas came up with another plan. They wanted to release an aerial attack using the eagles. Many flocks of eagles joined together and flew to the dungeon rapidly. They went through the windows and into the dungeon tower, where the animals were caged in.
      "Don't worry," said the head eagle. "We are here to help. We will get you out of here."
      As the eagles were about to unlock the animals, a mass of phantoms spiraled in.
      "Oh no!" one of the eagles shouted. "Phantoms! What shall we do!"
      That is when the lead eagle came up with an idea. They only had time to get one animal out, but that animal could help them get more animals the next time they raid. Then he thought " Owls are stealthy and are coordinated flyers.
      "Quickly!" he yelled. "Open the owl cage!"
      With that the owl cage was open and they went flying into Jamaa.
      "I'm sorry everyone," the lead eagle said again. " But we only had time to get one animal out, and owls will help us get everyone else out."
      That day the eagles retreated with owls, but the next raid, they will do better.


  3. I just found this blog, I think its great! Well written, funny animal pictures and a nice jammer running it. What else can you ask for really! Anyways I will for now on come here instead! By the way did you know about play wild beta, a mobile animal jam world coming soon?!?!?!?!?!? Its soooo coool! I dont have it but i've seen people play it on youtube.

    1. Thankyou very much! Yes, I have heard of the AJ Mobile app- I don't have it either. I may post about it soon!

    2. Cool! My AJ is twinkleninja, if you want you can buddy me, hey do you read the animal jam spirit blog? Its really cool, but I think yours is more fun!

  4. -insert incredibly well written history of owls here-


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