Pool Table and Sketch Jam- How to draw Mira!

Happy Tuesday! Welcome back, to another post! 

The new item today is the Pool Table:

OKAY, let's just think about this item for a minute. 

First all, how would animals hold the stick? It's dysfunctional! Like me on Mondays! I would understand (not really) if it had some sort of straps for the paws on the stick, but otherwise, this is just not logical. And WHAT ABOUT THE POOR PENGUINS! They just have slippery little flippers! LOGIC, ANIMAL JAM LOGIC! 

On a more, peaceful topic, Daily Explorer posted how to draw Mira!

Pretty neat, I say so myself. However I cannot draw at all on computers. They end up looking like a whale that has emotional problems. 

Well, that's all for today! Sorry it's a bit short. :(

Comment Call:
What should I add to my posts? 

See you in Jamaa!


  1. You are quite right about the pool table being disfunctional!
    A whale that has emotional problems?! Haha! Sadly, that is how my computer drawn images turn out as well!

    Comment Call: Hmm... What if you do a part of your post that you do daily? I have the factual part of the post, right? You could maybe do something like that- maybe like a picture of the day?

    Great posting!

    - Arctic

    1. Possibly, I have been thinking about comment of the day.

  2. Out of all the items on Jamaa, I don't think the pool table is the most dysfunctional one. Also, maybe the Sketch Jam videos are not only meant to be drawn on the computer. Taylor the artist always says that if you feel like there's anything wrong with it, just go back to it after a while. It's like someone making a video teaching you to draw something on paper, while showing you how to do it digitally for less mistakes.

  3. Hmm... Maybe end your posts with a quote or short poem of the day? Or maybe mini-stories? idk. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. ^.^
    Wait. Those ideas seem like a lot if work. Oh well. XD


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