Heart Eye Patch and Heart Necklace

Hello Jammers! Mldriver posting for you today!

The two new items are quite nice, considering they are underwater items!

They have a nice low price, so that's a plus too! Purchase them for your animal in Bahari Bargains! 

We also have 3 new Jam a Gram cards to send to your buddies!

They look a bit rushed, but still, fairly nice! I also have a question, how many Jam a Grams do you have? I have 61, but it's difficult to delete them and catch up. 

Moving on, I will be adding two segments, A true or false question, and I will show you a cool GIF everyday I post! I thought it would be really neat to show you guys some cool nature gifs, so here you are!

(If this doesn't work, check out the link! Make sure to ask your parents first!)

I find this really nice to look at;it's very peaceful. 

And the true or false question is....
Valentine's Day is banned in Saudi Arabia

True or False?

The person with the correct answer, and for extra points, an explanation, they will win a Monday Rare! 

That's all for today Jammers, See you in Jamaa!


  1. yes it is! valentines day is banned in saudi arabia!

  2. False because they don't honor Saints, such as St. Valentine, like other religions do. THANKS!!!!
    My user is Unikitty777

  3. Hmm... I thought Valentine's Day is just an American holiday...?

  4. I have 4 bc I delete them when I get them unless there from aj OR EXTREAMLY funny

  5. ARGH. I'm tearing my hair out in frustration because I just wrote this long essay about Valentine's Day AND THEN DELETED IT.

    Abbreviated version:
    Valentine's Day was made to honor the Christian saint; Saint Valentine. Some countries (such as Saudi Arabia) do not celebrate this holiday because Christianity is not their main religion, or not supported by the government. Most Americans are also unaware of the history behind Valentine's Day, which is unfortunate.

    I also have 185 Jam-a-grams, because I never have time to delete them. :P


    1. One more thing, Valentine's Day IS banned by the religious police in Saudi Arabia. However, some shopkeepers defy this rule by selling Valentine's Day memorabilia.


    2. Whoa, that's interesting! Never knew that myself.

    3. I am chitterfoot and I think true


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