Pet Ski Jump


Let's get right on to today's post, shall we?

As you know, there will no longer be Jamaaliday Gifts, so we can start discussing the item now!

Sold for 550 gems in Jam Mart Furniture, I bring you, the Pet Ski Jump! This cute new item can be yours today! I personally think this is a nice item. I have always loved miniatures, and this is extremely cute! If you like this item, be sure to get one!

Today, I have another curious question to ask you. What do you think lies in the Wilderness beyond the edge of the discovered Jamaa? All these places seem to be able to house animals, but we do not know what goes on there. Are Phantoms wreaking havoc upon those lands? Is there a portal to the Human Race? What do you think are in these circled areas? I am curious to hear what you have to say!

And now, for the factual part of this post:

Wafture: An old word for the act of waving.

What a beautiful, archaic word!

Finally, our fact of the day:

The last man to ever walk on the moon was Gene Cernan. He promised his beloved daughter that he would write her initials on the moon. He did. The initials T.D.C will remain on the moon for thousands of years.

That is deep, and personally I think it is emotionally touching.

Good Smarts!

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  1. I really like today's post! Those empty lands... I think AJHQ will send more Jamaa animals to discover them!
    -Mimi ^-^

    1. Wow, thank you Mimi, that means a lot to me! I agree, it seems as though animals will be sent to discover them- especially since the Cheetah and the Lion are already gone!

  2. Oddly, I answered this question with a theory I posted on my own blog. I said that the "new" animals aren't actually new. Long ago, all different kinds of animals lived in Jamaa. But, the phantoms came and locked all the animals in phantom towers, like the one in the great escape. However, the one in the Great Escape is an empty one. These towers are located in the island in between Kimbara and the Township, in the forest on the edge of Jamaa, In the seas and in mountains. My evidence is that when Cosmo discovered a new land he brought back a new animal that was locked up in the prison, Kangaroos!

    1. Hmm, interesting theory- it seems quite likely as well!

  3. Hmmm.... I think I have a theory on these lands.

    Long ago, Jamaa was the biggest region where it held hundreds of animal species, including the smallest little insects. Mira and Zios controlled Jamaa and the inhabitants lived in peace. But ever since Zios disappeared, Jamaa started to fall apart, from Mira's sadness. Her tears fell in which created the Phantoms. Because the tears contain the rage, the depression and the guilt, the Phantoms want to destroy Jamaa and capture any animal spotted. They took control of most of the lands in Jamaa and captured lots of different species and hid their spirit stones. Luckily, the Shamans had the strength to stop the Phantoms from destroying Jamaa completely. After that crazy invasion, there were only 4 pieces of Jamaa that is being controlled by the animals and there were only 6 animal species that survived. Little by little, Jamaa starts to grow more, bringing back animals and some of their land. Someday, all of Jamaa will be restored.

    I hope you liked my theory!


    1. Nice to see that you are still around, Krazy!

      That is an excellent theory! I hope that we will be able to access more of the beautiful land of Jamaa soon!

  4. Does anyone know why he was the last and ever will be the last man on the moon?

    1. NASA didn't want to do anymore trips because it was too expensive


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