Firefly Necklace, Mohawk and Moon Phases

Hey Jammers! Welcome to another post! How has your weekend been so far?

The new item today is the Firefly Necklace! 

This item would be great for a mystic outfit. Except for one thing... Last time I checked, fireflies weren't dots! Buy this item at Epic Wonders.

Moving on, yesterday's new item was the Mohawk!

It might be a bit strange, in real life, seeing an animal with this on. Just imangine how creepy that would be! Every single animal, have a mohawk! You can get this at Jam-Mart Clothing!

I swear, gifs are one of the best things ever created! 

Have you ever wanted to print the Moon Phases? 
Well head on over to the Daily Explorer!

And are you Jammers excited for the new owl coming? I can barely wait! I ended up finishing the puzzle...

How big do you think this will be? Smaller then the eagle? Or, bigger than the wolf! Tell me what you think in the comments!

See you in Jamaa!


  1. Sorry, my computer hasn't let me post comments for the past few days (I think it was because our internet is really bad right now), but I've been reading the posts.

    I think the owl will be slightly smaller than the eagle.

    ~piggoesoink :P

  2. I like those firefly necklaces. It looks like something you can use during the night to have light around you! :3

    Mohawks, in my opinion, don't look cute on humans. People like that are almost bald then rather have hair around the Mohawk (I apologize if I'm offending anyone). o.o But it will look adorable on an animal cuz they can still have fur around them! :D

    Dat random GIF tho. I LOVE SPACE. I MEAN SCIENCE! :D

    Lol! The owl looks shorther than an eagle so I suppose it will be as small as a bunny? :P


  3. Maybe the owl might be as small as one of the otters?
    And. about the GIF.
    It's SCIENCE!


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