Jamaa Journal VOL. 135

Hey Jammers! Mldriver here. Today is update day, so let's see what Animal Jam has in store for us. 

The first page is just so adorable, I can't.

Pet Pandas! They are so cute and chubby! However they are in the Diamond Shop. Oh well!

Now there is a Bounce House Party! I was hoping this would be a den of some sort. And also, if you see Panda Banners, be sure to click on them for some facts!

So there is many to choose from, including a Deep Space set, Pizza Parlor Set, and a Paint Studio. I personally love the paint studio. But, I think Pizza will win. 

YES ANOTHER FLYING ANIMAL!!!!111!111!!!! I love owls! They are my favorite! They will probably be in the Diamond Shop, so save your diamonds.

Well that's all for today Jammers! Have a great day and I will see you on Saturday!


  1. I bought a panda. SHE'S SO KAWAII!!! *.*

    I'll try to go to the Bounce Party, it sounds fun! Sadly, I don't have the time to go to the New Year Party. Exams.....

    I voted for the Pizza Parlour but for my storage, I'll vote for the Paint Studio! :D

    OWLS! I love owls, too! I knew there will be another flying animal! I will disguise my owl as a witch! >:3


  2. Um... Can you or Arctic delete the rude comments on the previous post?

    1. Oh. Like deleting that comment by that other Anonymous 2 comments down?

    2. I would like to, but I am afraid that Mldriver and I are only authors- not blog administrators. This means that we are only able to write posts- we have no control over comments. Sadly, only Pumaa and TheSlidoo are able to delete these kind of comments.

    3. Oh. :( is there a possible way for you 2 to notify them about it? That stinks! D:

  3. I think the same thing about the dens. (That pizza will win, and the paint studio is probably my favorite one.) :3

    Ooh, owls! ^.^

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. i hope the new animal is a non member owl
    member animals need a break

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