Jamaa Journal VOL. 136

Hey Jammers! Welcome back to another post. Today is update day, it's pretty cool!

Owls are not in this new update!

Just like the Cosmo's Den, Animal Jam made another Alpha's den! I think this is too big though. I wish Animal Jam would make another Castle sized den again, not these mansions. 

In the Diamond Shop, we have a new armor set! I really like how it looks. And the friendship party is now on! So check it out when you can. 

Jammers bought 85,000 pet pandas! They definitely rounded that number.. Anyways, that is really cool!

Owls are coming next update! Yay! The video is a bit weird... They have two owls dancing, trying to win over the girl one... and I think the blue one dies at the end... JUST WATCH IT

And the votes for those will be in next week! I hope you voted! And if you did, comment what you voted for!

That's all for today Jammers! See you in Jamaa!


  1. Great post today Mldriver! I agree, too much is too much (size wise). What a strange video! Isn't friendship armor an oxymoron? Armor is for battles... Friendship is piece... I love how it looks though!

    Again, great post!

    - Arctic

    1. That does seem like an oxymoron. Maybe that was the humor behind it, haha. Or possibly it was made to protect Jammers from hatred and other bad things!

  2. Nice post! I really agree with how big the new dens are, the newest that I've thoroughly enjoyed would be Cosmo's Den, it's not too big and it has lots of nature. Also, I saw the short film for the owls (one of my favorite animal, so I'm very excited for their arrival :P) and I don't think the blue owl died. I think when they fell the owls sort of blacked out like how Pokémon do after battles with the 'X' eyes and return to normal health shortly after.

    1. I love the Cosmo's Den too and I use it often for me and my buddies to 'camp' in!

    2. And that's an interesting theory with the owl's so-called "death". I don't think AJHQ would include a tragic death in their newest video, so I agree with you.

  3. I voted for the art studio. But I think AJ is just gonna release them all again like they did last time. :P

    I can hardly find my way around these dens. But I guess that's ok, because I'm nonmember anyway. Oh well.

    Also, I just read a book about owls. It's called Wesley the Owl; it's about how a lady named Stacy O'Brian adopted a barn owl named Wesley. There may be some kind of mature themes, such as mating rituals, but I HIGHLY recommend it! It's so sweet, and you can learn a lot about barn owls. If you read it, reply and tell me what you think!


    1. That sure sounds like an interesting book! I love nature so I'll need to check it out sometime. Owls are so cute and learning about them would be great.

      Thanks for the recommendation!

    I have my own little art room in real life; it would be absolutely incredible to create one in my virtual home as well! ^^
    I enjoy watercolor painting, sketching, coloring, making line art, polymer clay sculpting, origami, making greeting cards, and just being creative!

  5. Deep space.


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