Post à la Mldriver

Greetings Jammers, it's me Arctic! Mldriver is unable to post today, so I will be filling in for her!

Now that's fine by me and all, but that would mean you as readers would have to endure four days of Arctic-ness in a row... So I have decided that today's post will be: Post a la Mldriver (a la is french for "in the style or manner of"). That means, I shall be presenting you with a gif of the day and true/false question of the day instead of a factual part of the post. Capeesh? (boy, are we ever in a multilingual mood today!)

Let's see the new item!

Not a bad item, actually! It follows the Valentine's scheme quite well, and is overall a pretty good item. A rating? 3/5 I should say!

And now, the GIF of the day:

I think this is very beautiful. Such peaceful water, isn't it wonderful?

Finally, the true/false question of the day:

In Columbia, the law requires that every single radio station and television station play the National Anthem at 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM every single day. Is this true, or is this false?

That is all for this post, have an excellent post today Jammers!

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  1. This is TRUE. I kind of had to search it up, though... does that count? XD

  2. Im guessing true!

  3. Uhhh it's June. Oh. Wrong month.


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