More Evil Snowmen, and Rare Jamaaliday Earmuffs!


I am sorry to say, that today's gift is a returning item. However, it is yet another extremely evil item: the inflatable snowman! Behold, your worst nightmare: this evil snowman will not melt under normal conditions! He also does not have a cord like many other snowmen making him difficult to destroy! He also 'innocently' sways around when you place him- pure evil.

Now wait just one minute. How do you suppose you stick real sticks on an inflatable snowman? Hmm. I blame the yeti.

Strange, though I may be, admit it: if you were walking down the sidewalk and this thing appeared behind you suddenly, you would most likely be running for your life!

Next, the much-less-evil rare item of the day: the Jamaaliday Earmuffs, sold for 1000 gems! Now that is one expensive pair of earmuffs- though they are topped by the Snowflake Tiara and Snowflake Crown which are both sold in the same shop for more gems.  Buy this today in Jam Mart Clothing!

I never had a problem with the Jamaaliday Earmuffs, I actually like them. The colours on this pair are perfect for the season- I think this is a pretty good rare!

And now for the factual part of this post:

Our word-liciously wordy word of the day:
Anachronism: A thing belonging or appropriate to a period of time other than that in which it exists.
Now there's a word you don't usually hear!

Our factorifically facty fact of the day, given to us by piggoesoink:
There is a city named Rome on every continent.
Now here is an extra tidbit of information for you. You may know that Rome has been hailed 'the most successful empire in history', up to its final downfall. During this time, Rome conquered many nations, and ruled over a vast amount of land. To put this into perspective: someone living in Scotland, and someone living in Egypt, were still 'in Rome'. My theory, is that many places were named Rome because of how much influence the original Rome had on human life. How interesting!

Thank you piggoesoink for that information!

Adventure Awaits!

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  1. I don't know if it's just glitching or something, but I can't see the word of the day- only its definition. So.. What is it? (I'm on my iPod right now, though...)

    1. I'm on my computer and I can't see it either.

      ~piggoesoink :P

    2. I think she just forgot to write it! It's okay, I think she will add it later.

    3. Yeah, it's okay. I'm just curious on what word it is because the definition seems confusing too. (I'm on my computer now. :3)

    4. Oh, I found it! The word is:

      I just searched up the definition, and there it was!

    5. I am very sorry about that! Indeed, the word is anachronism, and I have updated the post. Sorry again, and thank you Mldriver for searching up the word!

    6. Anachronism, eh? What a word that is! Thanks for finding it for us, Mldriver; and for putting it in the post, Arctic!

  2. Arcticstar, that is a very interesting theory. I've never thought of it that way before.

    ~piggoesoink :P

    1. Thank you! I enjoy pondering things like these in my spare time.

  3. Great post today Arctic! Will you be on later today?


    Me: *throws PJ's at snowman*
    My friend: What are you doing??
    Me: *throws piggy bank at snowman* USE MONEY TO BUY YOURSELF SOMETHING
    Snowman: *Giggles* Thanks!!!!!!
    Me: *stares at my friend* Uh, I'm just rescuing everyone XD


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