Yeti Face and Ice Cave?

Greetings! I hope that you were able to enjoy Christmas yesterday, whether you got together with relatives, stayed at home, attended a Christmas party, or just relaxed! The great thing is, we still have  Jamaliday gifts for a few more days!

Hmm? Well it seems that I, along with every jammer I spoke to this morning, got a strange daily spin (no prize!), and no Jamaaliday gift! However, I checked my inventory and there was an Ice Cave there. I am assuming this is a mishap when releasing the item, and it simply ended up in my inventory. Nevertheless, here is the item:

It appears to be a very shiny cave at first, but every so often a strange yeti peeks out. I think this would go well with the crystal mine at the bottom of the Crystal Palace den.

There is an item sold in the Shiveer Shoppe for 400 gems. I believe this is not today's new item, however, as I have seen one person wearing it several days before this post was written. Here it is:

Hmm, quite creepy.

I have checked everywhere, and it seems that at this time, there are currently no new items. If you happen to come across one at a later time, feel free to let me know its name and where it is sold, and I shall make an update to this post!

And now for the factual part of this post:

Our wondrous word of the day:
Erstwhile: former

I have never heard this word in my life until now! How fascinating, all these words slowly become unused until they eventually fade away!

Our factual fact of the day:
It is apparently impossible to sneeze with your eyes open the entire time.
Well that's interesting! Useless, but interesting!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. There's a snow fort wall in Jam Mart Clothing.

  2. So Im not the only one who has the same glitch

  3. i havent resad this blog in such a long time! Love the new blog look

  4. I am so happy I still love useless facts!


  5. I didn't even get the daily spin today. Strange...

  6. The mask and cave would go well together....

  7. Am I the only one noticing it wont change colors, if it does not for you hold onto it, it might become like the glitched ring!


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