The Gift Express and Rare Top Coat

Hello Jammers! I am back from my small vacation, I guess you could call it. Thanks so much Ronen, for posting for me! Anyways, let's get on with the post.

The Gift Express is back! I actually like this item, considering that it has returned from last year. It fits well with the Jamaalidays! 

Now, for the Rare Item Monday! It is great for cold weather, and well... that's about it. I am not for sure about the color choices however.

Sometimes, I think that Animal Jam forgets that there are other colors you can use during the Jamaalidays. The item itself looks good on most animals, but it would be hard to find a good color choice. :P I am not for sure about this one. Plus, instead of coloring a new item and calling it rare, why do we not get new items? 

How are you enjoying the new adventure prizes? I like them a lot! I do get a lot of duplicates however..

Feel free to check out my den anytime! 

The Daily Explorer also posted about the new item! 

Well, Animal Jam HQ made it work. Impressive, XD
Hopefully the poor Polar Bear doesn't fall. :(

Well, that's all for today! Here is a quick Comment Call:
Comment Call:
Do you think that Animal Jam should have weather, for example, rain, or snow animations etc. A lot of Jammers have been talking about it! However, it would cause A LOT of lag. 

See you in Jamaa!


  1. You're welcome. :) I agree on the whole colors thing. There's an adequate variety of holiday colors to choose from, like white and blue. If AJHQ allowed a setting for weather, it would seem really cool. Instead of weather clouds, you could set any type of weather in your den. I would definitely go with windy and rainy.

  2. I very strongly agree on the weather thing. I also think they should have night and day.
    Now Jamaa township seems to have it (Sorta) But I wish all the other lands had it also.
    I also think Dens should have weather/night/day. That might mess with people trying to decorate their dens tho.. So I would suggest an off/on switch for dens.

    1. i'd be kinda cool to have night and day. Also im the same anonymus that said that I hated lagging. Lol
      -Kikiwolf7, buddy me

  3. I don't think there should be a weather. It would be cool but it would be hard to code and might lag AJ

  4. i HATE lagging so much. SO MUCH so i'd hate that. Sorry that is was too negative

  5. I think adding weather would be awesome but very laggy (like you said) and confusing to others.

    I only got trees from the adventure. The same types, most of the time. Hey, at least they have snow on them. But still. Trees! Hmph! XD


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