Bow And Arrows, Winter Fire Pit, Coral Snowman and Jamaaliday Branch Antlers

Hey there Jammers! Only 5 more days until Christmas! If you celebrate it. If not, then Happy Holidays!

Anyways, let's get on with the new items! But first, we need to see the Jamaaliday Gift.
(image from the Animal Jam Flash, check them out here:

Awesome! Everyone loves this item, but I wish they released new colors! Like the neon bow. I really like the color of that one. Here is an image of it..

Now you know what one looks like! They are very rare, but I just like the looks of them. 

Moving on, we have a new item in Jam-Mart Clothing, the Winter Fire Pit! 

Yay! The Fire Pit from Jamaa Township came in stores! This item isn't too big in a den, and not too small. I am hoping for the Ice Mira to come out!

We also have the Coral Snowman located in Sunken Treasures. There aren't many items being released underwater. That is one of the reasons why it isn't popular. Animal Jam needs to make a new ocean! 

This lovely item is located in Epic Wonders! I love the snow on this. So cute!

Well, that's all for today Jammers!
Oh wait, we need a Comment Call!
Comment Call:
What's you favorite JAMAALIDAY item?

See you in Jamaa!


  1. Great post Mldriver! I would have to say my favourite store-bought jamaaliday item is today's fire pit.
    My favourite jamaaliday gift would be the striped socks- every animal I have put them on has made them look great!

  2. My fave jamaaliday item is... (drum roll plz).. HOLIDAY SWEATERZZ! THEY ARE SO AWESOME AND CUTE AND STUFF LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!! HOLIDAY SWEATERZEZ!

  3. So far for this year, I have to say the hot cocoa set for den items, and the striped socks for clothing items too. I love how they look on bunnies. (And probably foxes too.)

  4. Wait... I'm a bit confused, was the neon bow a Jamaaliday. gift?

  5. No, she just wanted to let us if we don't have a neon bow, to see what one looks like.
    p.s feel free to come look at my den or jam a gram me and im NOT trading my neon bow.


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