Jolly Elf Hat & Gingerbread Stream

Hey Jammers! Are you having a good Jamaaliday so far? 

The new gift for today is really adorable! It's the Gingerbread Streamer!

This item is really big in a den...

Moving on, we have the regular. daily item. This Elf Hat is located in Jam-Mart Clothing. 

Well, this is a nice item, it just fits awkward on some animals. 

Also, did you see the awesome decorations in Jamaa Township? It looks so cool! And they added some things, and took some things.

The old ice fountain is now replaced with a campfire:

Oooh! This is a nice change. I felt like the fountain was always missing something. It turned out, a campfire! We have more to discover though!

I'm glad that they did decorated differently. It looks nice, Good Job AJHQ!!

The Daily Explorer also posted something about a contest.

Make sure to check that out. So, >>>Click Here<<<

Alright, that's all for today! No video because I may of forgotten. :(

See you in Jamaa!
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  1. Great post Mldriver! The decorations in Jamaa township are amazing- I love the jamaalidays!

    Your posts are always so amazing to read- they are always full of pictures, reviews and fun- things that my posts happen to be lacking. Good on you, my friend! Best wishes for the Holidays (and Jamaalidays) and I will be looking forward to seeing you on the 18th of December!

    1. I think both your posts are pawsome! ^•^

      Oh and Arcticstar, I like your Jammer Sundae posts. (Wait. You post them, right? Pretty awkward if not..) X3

    2. @Arcticstar8404 Thanks soooo much! I love to read your posts as well, I always learn something useful from them.

      @Cutepups522 AJ Yes she posts them. :)

  2. So wait. Does that mean that Cosmo is the Animal Jam Santa Claus? :3


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