Gingerbread Wings, Sleigh Runway, and Jamaaliday Necklace!

Season's Greetings, and a very merry Christmas Morning to you! What did you get for Christmas? Something you like very much, I hope!

Mldriver has plans for today, and has asked me if I would be able to post instead, so here I am! You can look forward to read another one of Mldriver's wonderful posts this Saturday! Until then, you are stuck with me (muha)!

The great thing about playing Animal Jam is that during the Christmas Season (or the Jamaalidays) is that you get gifts even online- and they are for everyone! I am very excited to see what we have in store for today!

Our gift of the day: The Gingerbread Wings! I really like this item. It looks great, is for all jammers, and depending on what colour variation you get looks not at all like gingerbread (unfortunately, I got a gingerbread coloured one XD)

We also have a number of items to talk about. Here they are:

Sold for 500 gems in Jam Mart Furniture, we have the Sleigh Runway! I am a little bit disappointed, I thought AJHQ would release a new item on Christmas Morning, but that's okay! This item works well with pets!

Finally, the Jamaaliday Necklace sold in Bahari Bargains. Light up like a Christmas tree for your friends with this item!

And now, for our Holiday Edition of the factual part of this post!

Our winter-iffic word of the day:

Corn: -

"Now, like, hold on Arctic! We like all know what corn is. It's like that yellow vegetable stuff."

I am aware of that. But this is a different type of corn, and it is more 'farmer vocabulary'. May I get back to my definition now?



Corn: Coarse, granular, wet snow formed by cycles of melting and re-freezing.

"Oh... Well you've really gotta be more like specific and stuff, Arctic."

Sigh. Anywho, now you learned a little something about snow! Also, thank you for your input, Red. I will be sure to work on that. 

"No probz man!"

I am not a man...

Our festive fact of the day: (the puns, the puns!)

The song "Jingle Bells" was actually a song originally written for Thanksgiving. The song was composed in 1857 by James Pierpoint, and it was originally titled: "One Horse Open Sleigh".

How interesting! It is amazing what you can learn when you just take the time to research! Also that was technically a two-in-one fact...
"That is, like, sick. It's so rad, man!"

Once again, I am not a man.

"Like, chill bro."

Why do I bother?

"I dunno, why DO you bother anyways?"

That was a rhetorical question.

"Pshh, whatevs."

Hmm... Did you enjoy my dialogue with "Red"? If so, I might do that more often during some of my posts- perhaps on Jammer Sundaes!

That is all for today's post, my friends! I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! Contact me at


  1. Red is so rad! XD

    I love the Daily Gift today! :D

  2. I don't know what i got yet because we can't open the presents until after breakfast and my mom is really tired so she won't make breakfast yet.



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