Rare Gift Sleigh and Marshmallow Chair

Hello Jammers! How are you?

Did you notice that the 8th present today was super sparkly? It will be really special I guess too!

Oh., I guess not. What about the new gifts that Animal Jam said they would have?? Hm.

Well, we still have hope in Rare Item Monday!

Yes! A new item. Except it's not non-member. AJHQ, always getting peoples' hope up. And then crushing it.

Well, last but not least, we have a post from the Daily Explorer:

It must take a lot of effort to make these! 

That's all for today! Happy Monday


  1. You know, I always thought the reindeer were supposed to PULL the sleigh, not ride in it! ;D

    1. they are sneaking a ride while Santa's on lunch break


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