VOL. 133 Happy Jamaalidays!

Hello Jammers! Today is update day, let's check it out. :)

However.... there is a really cool item in the Diamond Shop. 

The Long Bow has arrived in stores! Ok, let's get back onto the Jamaa Journal.

The first page is just kicking off Jamaalidays with the Gingerbread House!

This den is really fun. I mean, it has a CHOCOLATE POOL! Heh, if you would like to see it, come to my den! Sadly, this is located in the Diamond Shop for 5 Diamonds. :(

We also have a new game!

The Jamaaliday bag is back, All items are only 1 Diamond! We also have a great new game, Pairs! 
I tried to play it... and it didn't work out so well. There were A LOT of glitches. I had to reload my page.

Pet Reindeer are back!

These cute Pet Reindeer are perfect in a Gingerbread House den! This was the first pet I got when I became member. :) I wish it was non-member though. 
The Jamaaliday Jam is back, just like the last one.

And the rest is just advetisement and a reminder of Daily Gifts. 

Oh! That's what I forgot, Jamaaliday Gifts! Durrrr

A fence! And a Diamond! Neato! Another item that was released last year.

Well, that's all for today folks! See you in Jamaa!
Contact me here with questions or comments, mldriver.jamaa@gmail.com


  1. wow, I can't believe the long bow came to stores, i hope rares and betas come back, that way there will be no scamming, however, i can predict that ajhq will make sure ALL the betas/rares members only even though some were nonmember. there is a high chance of that happening if rares come back.

  2. The Jammalidays are the best because they bring back so many memories as much as they do with all the music,theme,and even BETAS!!!!!!!!


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