Jamaa Journal VOL.134

Hey Jammers! Sorry for my lack of posts lately, I have been having strange internet issues. Anyways, let's get on with the post!

As usual, we are first checking out the Jamaa Journal!

As you can see, pet foxes are back! These pets are returning, but they are lovable and fun to have! Did you know some people actually have pet foxes in real life? Crazy huh?

On the second page, the Jamaa Journal is talking about the new adventure, Jamaaliday Rescue! I don't see how making it out of a maze saves the Jamaalidays but, whatever floats your boat. 

Speaking of Jamaaliday Gifts, here is the one for today!

It reminds me of a special reindeer's nose! Awesome job AJHQ!

Wait, didn't Animal Jam say the same last year in 2014..? How well do you like this year of Animal Jam compared to last year? 

Now for the load of items!

Treetop Gardens:

 Jam-Mart Clothing and Jam-Mart Furniture:

Well, that's all for today Jammers! I think Arcticstar is posting tomorrow? 


  1. Great post Mldriver! Thanks so much for working so hard while I was gone!

    I will most certainly be posting tomorrow- I'm excited for it XD

    Ahh. It is good to be back.

    P.S. I got a polar bear yesterday *^^*

  2. animal jam just went full out with releasing items


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