Cookie Table and Candle Ornament

Hey there! Mldriver here again. Probably getting sick of my posts by now? 

Anyways, let's start the post with the Jamaaliday Item!

Hm. Not bad. If I had this in my real home, I would eat all of it. But, where are all the new gifts that Animal Jam said they would release? 

And then there is the Candle Ornament, located in Jam-Mart Furniture!

I like this item! It's not new, but that's okay. You can put this on that Cookie Table! It makes a nice, small decoration. 

Make sure to check out the Daily Explorer, on how to have your comic featured!  

That's all for today Jammers! See you in Jamaa!

1 comment:

  1. your cookie might get burnt if you put the candle on the cookie table!


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