The Giant Snow Globe and New Years Party!

Greetings Jammers! Sorry about how late this post is! I hadn't checked my email until a few minutes ago, when I realized that I had been requested to write! (I should really check my mail more often, shouldn't I?)

Due to this, the post today will be shorter than usual. Let's get blogging!

Our gift today is the Giant Snow Globe, a returning item.

I think this is a very cute item, though I would prefer a smaller version of it. It really seems to capture the essence of Animal Jam- having fun and playing wild! Wait a moment... What if those poor animals have been petrified and trapped in a snow globe- doomed to spend eternity as a simple decoration! Those nasty phantoms!

All of today's new items are located in the New Years Eve Party- including many of the items that left during the year. Time to stock up on your items, Jammers!

I am sorry for the bad quality of this post, but I do not have enough time to write a full-scale review of the update. My apologies, again! I cannot say sorry enough!

Adventure Awaits!

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  1. I've been waiting for this post all morning.

    ~piggoesoink :P

    1. Sorry about that piggoesoink! This does not usually happen, unfortunately there was a lack of communication between Mldriver and I.

      - Arctic

    2. No problem, I was just wondering where it was.

      ~piggoesoink :P


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