Items in Jamma that should be turned into real den items

Whew, the power was just off for 2 hours! We didn't really do much but play a survival card game. where we just actually skip the game part at just answer the questions on the card.
Trump's puppy class was canceled and we're not going to have it next week either because of labor day! D:
Aand now Boo is being really cute and putting magnets on the refrigerator and trying to say the names of the letters XD
Anyway here are some scenery items that I think would be really cool as a den item!

1. Himalayan Poppy
I think these would just be a great yard item for a den! 

2. Danger sign
I feel like a lot of Jammers would have fun with this one XD

3. Mushrooms 
There are some mushroom items like the 'glowing mushroom patches' and the 'mushroom table'
But those just aren't the same. 
I feel like these would look really good in the sky den in that dark woods part of it. 

4. Wind chimes 
Now these would just look great in a seasonal tree don't you think?

5. Firefly lanterns
I always loved these so much :O

6. Random Tree
When I was a new jammer I really liked this tree for some reason XD

7. Mira statues 
I feel like these would be super popular if they were non member

8. One of those things that take a quarter to look through 
I feel like Jammers would also have a fun time with these

9. Book, feather and ink.
In a smaller version I think this would be a really cool item! 

10. Flowers in Jamma Township 

See ya next week!
Peace love ninja's

*Husky Ninja 


  1. Those items should really be den items!

  2. What a good idea for a post... The warning sign I guess is kind of in-game with the Wacky, Silly, and Zany item... This is cool... MUSHROOMS. Good idea... Why hasn't AJ done that?

  3. Oooh, I actually kinda enjoy power outs sometimes. (And then I get bored and it's not so fun. XDD) What kind of card game is that? Sounds like fun. :D

    (OM, Boo sounds soooooo cute! <33 *wishes I could hear him when he does that*)

    I never thought of items like that around Jamaa being real den items! Those would be really cool items to have. :o I think my favorites arrrrre... the Himalayan flowers; the mushrooms; the wind chimes, firefly lanterns; and the book, ink, and feather. XDD (So like, almost all of them. XDDD)

    Cool post, Ja! :D



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