My favorite Masterpieces that I own, A few thoughts on Juno

Hey ya'll! I was think about what I was going to do for a post. I thought about doing masterpieces but everyone does that when they have no idea what to post so I thought I'd just show my favorite masterpieces that I own. 
Most of these were drawn or given to me by friends! 
Thank guys! ^.^

This one is by my super good friend Swirlshine! 
I was soo happy when I got this XDD 
I love the style of writing 

This one is also by Swirlshine! 
She gave it to me on my first Christmas with the bloggers! 
And ever sense I got it has always been on my top masterpieces list ^.^

This one was drawn by my brother Pob93! 
He had a pet phantom with all these items, and it actually got in AJHQ's den! I can't remember how many likes it had but I think it was over 500 :O

This one is by Housemom418!
Peaches for the win :smirk: 

This masterpieces is drawn by Arcticstar84044 also known as the current author of this blog! 
AH I LOVE IT SOO MUCH!!! The sky! The grass and the way you can see the horses tail and mane! ^.^

Drawn by my super good friend Lostfairy! 
We were talking on Google hangouts and I randomly named one of the emotes XDD
I mean --- Sorry for the caps XD

This was drawn by Beachzoo and given to me by my sister Sarahkey8
I can't remember what I gave her, was it a spike? I feel like I gave you another piece of art

This one was drawn by Karalee! 
I'm a big Lord of The Rings and I like the Hobbit a lot to.
When I saw this it made me laugh XDD
I think Kara gave this to me last year on my birthday :o

That's all for this week! 
Actually wait, one last thing. I support everything Lostfairy and Sarahkey8 said in their post on Juno.
Kids don't need this stuff thrown in their faces. Stop targeting the young, innocent, and gullible.
most teens already know about this stuff from friends and school
little kids have no idea 
and if they see it and say nothing about it to the parent, that means no one is going to talk to them about it tell them if it's right/wrong 
little kids believe almost anything you tell them
If you tell a 3 year old that Santa Claus is real, or that there is a monster under their bed or in the closet, they are probably going to believe you, their not going to question it. They just believe you.
I absolutely don't care if I get hate
  I'm standing up for what I believe in.
 So don't target my friends. take it all out on me I don't care.
They'll see the comments anyway.


*Husky Ninja


  1. Those are some cool masterpieces.
    (and you probably already know that I agree with you guys about Juno)

  2. Ahhhh, that one Swirl did for Christmas is BEAUTIFUL!!!! :O I love that so much too! XD

    Ahhh, I should redraw the Blob Babies one. They look lumpy. XD

    Agreed, Ja! ^_^ thanks for linking to my blog!

  3. Aah I remember some of those masterpieces! They are very cool. I remember getting an email to choose an emote and name it. I think I forget which one I chose and the name XD

    I’m in the middle for the character. Part of me supports it, part of me doesn’t.

  4. I love those masterpieces! Lol. Thanks for showing them!

  5. i know some other people who are against juno, i heard they'd like to mingle a bit and get together to discuss this monstrosity! they are called the animal jam sws and they talk on discord, their blog is

  6. You guys. I'm so hurt by this. Seriously.
    I grew up playing Animal Jam.
    It was my childhood.
    When I was little, even then I knew I wasn't the same. I didn't fit in. I didn't want to date boys, and while the other little girls talked about their crushes, I wondered why I couldn't have a crush on a girl. I was bullied to the point of switching schools.
    In fifth grade, I received a diagnosis of autism. When I was eleven, I realized that I liked girls. I wondered why you couldn't say "gay" or "lesbian" on Animal Jam. I wondered why people were "autistic" as an insult and yelling the r-word at every possible opportunity. 20-40% of homeless youth today are LGBTQIAAP+, and I have never, and I repeat never, heard anyone discussing this issue within Animal Jam, or the community that grew surrounding the game. Do you know how much it means to see someone remotely like me in a game, that despite me quitting years ago? How would you feel if there was no one who looked like you or acted like you or in any way represented you in Animal Jam. That. That's how I felt for YEARS. And now, I log back on, Google it excitedly and see this blatant trans- and homophobia. Yes, I said it. You refusing to accept this character just because THEY use THEY/THEM pronouns for the sake of "the children" is ridiculous, and shows that you are blatantly homophobic. If I hadn't been so sheltered at a child that I didn't know who I was, that I was-am- autistic and gay and so many other things that describe me, I would have been saved a ton of heartache. I started seeing a psychologist at ten to cope with the severe anxiety the bullying and not knowing who I was gave me.
    So no. You don't get to win this. I will love Juno for who THEY are, just like so many others do, and me? I will keep being my gay, autistic self, and I will be proud.
    (I know that me being autistic may seem unrelated to many, however, autistic people/people with autism are often treated similarly to how you are treating Juno here- like crap.)
    Sincerely, a FORMER fan of this site.
    P.S. The only reason I'm anonymous is because I don't want to deal with the hate mail that inevitably comes from something that's so seemingly commonsense- treating people nicely.


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