This is what happens when you think about AJ too hard..

How come some of the dens are bigger then the lands themselves?

Where even are the dens? The map is tiny, and considering some of the dens are bigger then the lands..

If we have pet tigers, pigs, owls, etc, does that mean they are our slaves as we can put them anywhere?

How did Mira's tears create the Phantoms? Did Zios give her evil eyeliner or something?

Why are the Phantoms even bad? The were created from Mira's tears, and Mira is good, and they wouldn't know anything about the world, so they wouldn't really be evil unless they had somebody teaching them before they came out.

If we keep getting all these new Phantoms, is Mira still crying? Did she try to switch eyeliner but then the new type was still evil?

Why do we celebrate 'Night of the Phantoms' when we are suppose to despise and destroy Phantoms?

How come around Night of the Phantoms the Alphas let 2-5 Phantoms roam around Jamaa Township?

Why do we smack Phantoms with a hammer on the Summer Carnival? And don't tell me those are toys.

Why don't the Alphas actually recruit the Minor Alphas to help them in the Phantom War?

How has nobody found the full crystals in the Forgotten Desert? Why do we keep risking our lives?

Why can we do the Adventures more then once, does that mean Jamaa is a Multiverse?

Why haven't the Alpha's investigated Greely?

Why do the Alphas send 5 year olds' into Adventures?

Tigerverse... never used, and by the way, does that mean tigers were the very first animal to speak?

Is Zios really a waffle?

Will Animal Jam ever stop with the spikes? spoiler the answer is no 

If Mira's feather is something that can literally save Jamaa, how come they give it to Jammers who do the adventure? Why are there so many of them?

Is the reason why nobody has seen Mira because she lost all her feathers, and doesn't want to be seen bald?

What even is the beginning lore right now? Animal Jam has changed it so many times I literally have no idea! Is it the one on the Daily Explorer?

How the hay did the Phantoms design those factories when they're so stupid they cant see you go into a patch of grass

Are all the Phantoms super old which is why they can barely see you unless your right up to their face?

Are those Phantom Watcher thingys or whatever they are (so many new Phantom types I have no idea what anything is) dismembered Phantoms that the other Phantoms were like "lets just put his head on a tower!!"

Are those Phantoms that you see in the glass containers bad Phantoms?

Do Phantoms do experiments on other Phantoms, or other Jammers you see locked in the glass containers?  That's quite dark AJ..

How has nobody managed to break the ice in Mt Shiveer with like 30 elephants standing on, that should be easy.

Why is the wolf almost as tall as the elephant?

Why do we have so many size problems with the animals? The bunny isn't that much smaller then the fox or even the wolf!

Animal Jam is very obsessed with spikes, can't AJ at least make them look good on new animals? Honestly spikes have been looking TERRIBLE on animals, I think you need to redo some lineart or something AJ..

Anyone notice how false advertisey AJ is? You see an ad like this: 
(where the heck are those items those animals are wearing)
And you come in and its this:

Why is Animal Jam's catch phrase "play wild"? At my house my mom is always like "No playing wild!" to my siblings..

What does "jam on" mean? Who uses jam to describe dancing to music or anything like that anymore?

Why do the Clydesdale horses exist? *sobs forever*

Remember when AJ was about making friends, roleplaying (not Warrior Cat roleplaying, just normal family roleplaying) and adventuring? I miss those days..

Have a nice day guys! (I'm so sorry this is a day late! Blogging was just out of my mind yesterday)


  1. All of those are so true, you could literally ask those questions for anything though XD

  2. OMMMM, I LOVE THIS POST, ITS SO FUNNY OMMMM! I read some of these to Chloe and we laughed. XD MIRA IS SECRETLY BALD AND ZIOS IS A WAFFLE.

    I wanna draw this now. 0.0


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