More Updated News About Juno

Hi Jammers! There was an update today, o more stuff about Juno! I think she is a pretty cool Alpha actually! 

And notes from the Alpha:
yes I realize that is terribly edited, it is for a point.

If you type the code 'Juno' you will be rewarded with this statue! 
So, it looks like to protect Balloosh and its residents, Juno gave up her... essence I guess it'd be called.  It begs the question, who are Star and Fang? The only Fang in Jamaa we know is uh.. 
this guy 
photo  credit Animal Jam Wiki 
So its probably not him. My first thought would be the Sabertooth and Direwolf alphas. Star the Sabertooth and Fang the Direwolf
Fang the Sabertooth due to their fangs that stick out.. can anybody tell me if they both have the star pattern? I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it. 
 There must be more then the Sabertooth and Direwolf Heartstone hidden in the Temple of the Ancients, I looked around a bit and here is what I found that may lead to future discoveries... 

you photo bombed it Icy.. 
I feel like this may open up any time now,  I'm wondering what it is..

I could not get a good screen shot of this, but this crystal may open up.

This seems like a room? I have no idea, who knows.. XDD


  1. Lore... Lore... Lore... Juno.... Alpha.... ancient... animals.... all... we.... have.... gotten... this... year.... starting.... to.... get... boring... XD

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  3. You guys. I'm so hurt by this. Seriously.
    I grew up playing Animal Jam.
    It was my childhood.
    When I was little, even then I knew I wasn't the same. I didn't fit in. I didn't want to date boys, and while the other little girls talked about their crushes, I wondered why I couldn't have a crush on a girl. I was bullied to the point of switching schools.
    In fifth grade, I received a diagnosis of autism. When I was eleven, I realized that I liked girls. I wondered why you couldn't say "gay" or "lesbian" on Animal Jam. I wondered why people were "autistic" as an insult and yelling the r-word at every possible opportunity. 20-40% of homeless youth today are LGBTQIAAP+, and I have never, and I repeat never, heard anyone discussing this issue within Animal Jam, or the community that grew surrounding the game. Do you know how much it means to see someone remotely like me in a game, that despite me quitting years ago? How would you feel if there was no one who looked like you or acted like you or in any way represented you in Animal Jam. That. That's how I felt for YEARS. And now, I log back on, Google it excitedly and see this blatant trans- and homophobia. Yes, I said it. You refusing to accept this character just because THEY use THEY/THEM pronouns for the sake of "the children" is ridiculous, and shows that you are blatantly homophobic. If I hadn't been so sheltered at a child that I didn't know who I was, that I was-am- autistic and gay and so many other things that describe me, I would have been saved a ton of heartache. I started seeing a psychologist at ten to cope with the severe anxiety the bullying and not knowing who I was gave me.
    So no. You don't get to win this. I will love Juno for who THEY are, just like so many others do, and me? I will keep being my gay, autistic self, and I will be proud.
    (I know that me being autistic may seem unrelated to many, however, autistic people/people with autism are often treated similarly to how you are treating Juno here- like crap.)
    Sincerely, a FORMER fan of this site.
    P.S. The only reason I'm anonymous is because I don't want to deal with the hate mail that inevitably comes from something that's so seemingly commonsense- treating people nicely.

    1. THANK. YOU. honestly, was it totally necessary to go as far as to changing the pronouns from ''they'' and ''them'' to ''she'' and ''her''?? RUDE.

    2. This right here. I don't believe that the label of non-binary is necessary in most cases (most of the exceptions being intersex people) because from my understanding, it refers to a person not conforming to their societies gender roles and expectations. If you're gay, you're gay in whatever country you go to. If you have gender dysphoria, you have gender dysphoria in whatever country you go to. If you're non-binary, you may not be non-binary in another country with a different society and culture.

      However, I have no problem referring to someone as whatever pronoun they want to be referred to as to a reasonable extent. Why cause trouble where it can be easily avoided? Just because I can't comprehend what being non-binary is like doesn't mean 100% for a fact that it's not valid. If someone is trying to live their life in a way that benefits their quality of life while not infringing upon others, I have no problems supporting them and giving them basic human respect. I know that I don't want to be referred to as a pronoun that isn't accurate to me, so I should extend that same respect to others.

    3. Being homophobic is having a fear/hatred against LGBTQ people, which I am NOT afraid of them, and I do not hate them. I have a few friends who are. I just disagree with them.

    4. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.
      -The comment's original poster.

    5. Hey, it's the same anon as before. I've decided to nickname myself Le Lapin.
      -Le Lapin

    6. Also, you guys are completely missing the point. My point was that these things shouldn't be exposed to little kids.

    7. @Sarahkey8,

      What is there for you to disagree with them about? If somebody is African American, you can't disagree with the fact that they are African American, because they are. Facts are not something you can agree with or disagree with. Opinions are. If somebody is legitimately LGBTQ+, you can't disagree with the fact that they are LGBTQ+. Because they are. Being LGBTQ+ isn't a choice, it's just how you are. If you think I'm wrong, provide articles showing otherwise. Not articles about religion, not articles about pseudoscience. Actual, fact based articles citing legitimate research.

      If it's their choice to actually be in a homosexual relationship, or to get treatment for gender dysphoria, or something else of that nature, I'll ask you: why? They are not causing harm to anyone. It improves their quality of life.


      Your comment makes no sense.

      @Le Lapin

      You remind me somebody I used to know when I played Animal Jam, and your description of yourself sort of lines up with them a bit. If you remember tacocat101 and you wanna chat, please contact me, its been a while. If you remember me but don't want to chat, that's totally fine also, I wouldn't blame you from what I've been like to you if you're who I think you might be.

    8. @Anar
      I buddy-requested you.
      -Le Lapin

    9. @Anar
      So you don't want facts to be agree or disagree on but you wanted to find proof why we disagree like that, but you said no religion and no biology?

      I smell a hypocrite. Let us be ourselves and we may treat them as human beings but they can't just expect us to promote them when you're all about religious differences or personal difference.

      So hell no, I'm not gonna respect or promote into these kind of bs when all they do back at me is throw hate when this is all what I believe in and how my family believed in for YEARS.

      No wonder why God wanted this world to be burned, everything's falling apart starting with religion. First we have world war, now the real war is Children V. Parents.

      They brought this on themselves, this is what the consequences God is gonna give them, after all they throw God away and put in a "new God" that accepted these kinds of bs. I'm calling Juno a girl and respect is earned, and because of what happened to me, you're gonna work twice as hard to earn that kind of respect from me. Gender Identity should be burned and scrapped away for decades.

    10. Le Lapin, you are amazing and your point is the best one I have ever seen in reply to these people that are against Juno! Your opinion is so refreshing in this sea of people engaging in a whole bunch of mutual gratification for having the same discriminatory views. I know you probably will not see this but I support you 100%!

  4. Why were you misgendering Juno? Honestly, what were you trying to accomplish? How about if someone started to call you a he? How would that make you feel? (Yes I know Juno is fictional but you can still respect pronouns even if you don't "understand" nonbinary. For example, we both don't understand chinese but do we discount it as a language? No!)


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