Arctic's Five Favourite Nonmember Den Items!

Yikes! Try saying the title five times fast!

Hello Jammers, Arctic here!

Now if you know me, you'll know that I absolutely love den decorating- in fact, it's my favourite thing to do on Animal Jam! I could spend all day making new designs - if only I had enough time (and gems!) to do it!

Recently, I was looking through some of my favourite dens that I've decorated and I began to notice that a lot of them seemed to contain the same items! So, it got me thinking. Are there particular den items that I like to the most? Ones that I find to be versatile and super easy to use, for everyone? And that's exactly what this post is about!

 Today I'll be showing you 5 of my favourite nonmember AJ den items and how I use them. Who knows? Maybe this will inspire some of you to try making some more dens of your own!

1. Greenhouse Windows

This is probably by far the item I've seen used the most times throughout my den! What I love about them is that they're non member (you can get these from the Meet Cosmo adventure in the top right chest!), bring life to walls, and tend to make everything a lot cosier. It's also a quick and simple way to incorporate plants and books into your den (since they're built into the item!). Another plus is that since it doesn't show a view of outside (like other AJ windows), it can go anywhere without it looking odd (like having windows showing sky in an underground den!)

A reading space?

A bedroom?

A living room?

2. Lucky Table and Lucky Chair 

Now hear me out - I know this is technically two items but they go so well together and they're part of the same set so I just had to put them together on the list. Found in the Lucky Clovers adventure, this small furniture set is available to all jammers too! I find that some of the seasonal items tend to be super colourful and so obviously seasonal that it's hard to use them in other types of dens! But these guys are subtle enough in the clover patterning that they can really be used pretty much anywhere. They're also small enough that they fit well into corners and small spaces. One of my favourite ways to use these items is to connect two lucky tables together to make one long table, and put three chairs around it so more people can sit!

This one only has lucky chairs, not the lucky table
A nice cosy fall arrangement

A small space for planning and working!

This one only has lucky tables, not lucky chairs

3. Wood Floor

While this is a flooring and not a placeable item, the Wood Floor is probably what I use most out of any den item! This item is a beta, so it's not as easily accessible as some of the other items on this list, but it's nonmember nonetheless! If you can get your hands on this item it is worth it! I find the wood floor looks good in almost any den, and is my go-to for whenever I'm choosing flooring and wallpapers. It's especially helpful since I love decorating with cozy, earthy colours and styles - and this floor fits perfectly!

Small House Den

Mushroom Hut

Spring Cottage

4. Wooden Toy Box

Like the wood floor, this item is a beta, so it's not as easy to get. However, it is one of the more common ones, and it isn't too hard to find someone with one for trade! This item is a great accent piece - it's simple and it leaves you guessing! What's inside? Cookies? Plushies? Art supplies? Arctic's secret collection of bottle caps, chocolate coins, and scented erasers? You never know! That's what makes this item so easy to use. Depending on where you put it in a den, and what items you surround it with, it takes on a whole new purpose!

Plushie outside makes it seem like a toy box

Vinyl close to it makes it seem like a box full of old records

Skates next to it makes it look like a box full of winter sports equipment!

5.  Fireplace

In general, I love fire on Animal Jam - fire pits, fire pots, fireplaces of all kinds! It's rare to find a den of mine that DOESN'T use at least one variant of these! This fireplace in particular is one of my favourites. It's small enough that it'll fit in smaller spaces, it has open room on top of it in case you want to place small pots or plushies on top, and its brick style and shape is unique compared to some of the other AJ fireplaces out there! This item isn't in stores currently, but comes back to the Diamond Shop every Jamaaliday season and is a great item for winter dens and other dens alike!

Cabin Style

Old living room

Canada themed?

And there you have it folks! Those are my picks for some of my favourite non member den items! Man.. there were so many I wanted to include... Maybe I'll make a "part two" sometime if you guys enjoy this post enough!

Anyway, that's all for now! See you soon!


  1. A part 2 would be interesting!

  2. Oooh those pictures look so nice, you seem great at den decorating! I never realized that the toy chest was beta.

  3. Ahhhh, this post was fun to read. ^.^ I also absolutely love decorating dens and this just gives me so many ideas.

    Also, this just proves how awesome AJHQ is with giving nonmembers good items!


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