First Update Post In A While!

Woah, I really can't believe I'm back to posting on here! But here I am.
It's Penguin, if you didn't remember I actually post on here. I know I said I'd be posting two weeks ago but with school starting, I've been trying to adjust to high school lately, and I've been tired. I finally feel the urge to post now and am ready to get this schedule going. Remember, I'll be posting here on Saturdays.
Anyways, there's a new item in stores today, and that's the Pixelated Armoire.
AJHQ seems to be re-releasing the pixelated item set.These are cool items that go great with the Pixel den.
Now, here's some news that'll be helpful for people that trade on Animal Jam. In the latest update, a new September membership bundle was released, but with it comes a very special item.
The Royal Garden is being released again. Before, it was worth a lot. I think it was actually worth a black long. Do not trade big items for these anymore, as their worth will go way down.
Based on that, what do you think about it being released? Some people say AJHQ is going to start selling rares, but I don't agree with that. They probably released the garden because, a, it isn't super well known or popular, and b, it goes with the theme of the items.
Hmm... there's not really much of anything else to post about, so that's all I have for this post. I'm glad to finally be back on schedule, though! I hope you all stick around for next time.


  1. Can't wait to see more of your posts!

  2. I'd feel bad for all the people with shadow or gingerbread gardens, but I'd love to see those come back too because these items are super cool!

  3. The garden items actually are quite nice!


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