Dangerous den items!

Me: Hay guys! Gues hoo's finaly doing a crazy intro!?
You Guys: Um the typo queen?
Me: What do yoo meen? 
You Guys: Your spelling like half of your words wrong ...
Me: I am not! 

You Guys: You were 
Me: I never evr mak tipo's! My mom told me to spel everything the way yoo pronons it! 

You Guys: Um, that's not quite right o,o 
Me: Wow, are you saying my mom was rong?!
You Guys: Uhhhhh
Me: That is just rood! So just stop it and let me get on with my post for this Wenzday! 

Ahhh It feels good to do a weird intro again! ^.^
This week we entered Trump into obedience class!
We went to the Orientation, thing yesterday and it was very interesting!
Alright I'm just going to jump right into the post! 

Top 10 dangerous den items in Animal Jam! 

1. Beehive Chair
 There are bee's all around this thing! And you literally have a chair in their beehive! 
Chances of getting stung are 99.00 

2. Mechanical Dragon Egg
This thing shoots fire out when it opens!

3. Mechanical Dragon
This shoots REAL fire out o,o
(I couldn't find a picture :1 )

4. Hanging Origami Lamp
I think this has a chance of setting the paper on fire!

I actually don't know what these are called cuz my internet was being suuuuper slow ..... 
But it's from the 4th July as you can probably tell
Well let's uh, just leave lit sparklers on the ground. No fire hazard there! 

6 and 7. Trapped/caged phantoms
I'm pretty sure normal citizens shouldn't have phantoms in their home O,O
Just look at the one in the hole ELECTRICITY! 
Keep Children away

8. Phantom Invasion game 
I think this thing has a real laser o,o 

(That looks super cool actually) 
Also am I the only one who never noticed the animals on the outside blue part? 
I haven't played this game for years XD

9. Hot Cocoa Machine
Am I the only who thinks this don't look safe? 
That little thing on the right is tied on! 
and it shakes a bunch like it's going to explode o,o

10. Fossil Rug

Ummmm, your, stepping, on fossils, bones, OWWWWUCH
I think someone who steps on that rug is going to have an extra bone in their foot! 

I was looking through the store looking for items, and I saw this
Aj, issss

Ok I have to go now!
I have a 
waiting for me :D
If you don't know what I'm referring to PLEASE DON'T ASK, it's super random and weird XDD
But if you do.

*Husky Ninja 


  1. Have you seen that egyptian box item? You click it and it turns into a golden spike!

  2. Ooooh. AJ this stuff is not safe for usXD


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