Comparing things in Jamma to the objects on the map

Me: Well well well well. looks who's back to do weird intro's!
You Guys: Oh boy o,o well, at least a break for a long time
Me: Well well well, looks who's NOT glad I'm back ...
You Guys: Can you stop saying 'well'?
Me: Well we- um I mean, of course anything for my viewers :D
You Guys: Really? Can you stop posting? :D 
Me: Hey! That's RUUUDE 
You Guys: But it's true! Supercat is a better author then you!

There we go! My first weird intro in like .... THREE MONTHS?! O,O

Flag Shop in Sarepia Forest
Hmmm the walls seem to tall on the map don't you think?

 Movie Theater in Sarepia Forest
It seems pretty accurate, but why is the door open on the map? 

Gabby's Animal Hospital in Kimbara Outback
Only half of the sign is on the map! :O

Waterfall and shop in Kimbara Outback

The waterfall looks, so wrong, and the door in the map is not there again. 

Some of the colors on the tent looked a bit mixed up 

Hot spring, thing, in Mt. Shiveer

It looks pretty accurate except it doesn't show the rocks surrounding it

Art Studio/mountain in Coral Canyons 
Wow. This is the most inaccurate one by far. . . . .
They didn't include the waterfall. 
The art studio is completely in the mountain, The little thing with the holes is no longer Double Up it's Best Dressed (It used to be Double up right guys? I'm sure it was) 
Also the bridge isn't even shown That's like one of the things Coral Canyon's is most famous for o,o 
I know they only have room for so much but still XD

Conservation Museum in Appondale
This is my favorite building in Jamma ^.^
And I'm glad to say that it looks fine on the map 

Pet store/tree in Appondale 
Hmm not to bad. But the door is to red and the path looks different.

*Husky Ninja 


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