Restoring Jamaa Through the Power of Crystals? (An AJ Theory)

Hello Jammers, Arctic here!

Today's post is a little bit different than usual. I don't usually do analysis/theory posts but I felt like it would be fun to do one today!

Recently, I was in the Alpha Headquarters enjoying the scenery when I started to think about the importance of crystals in Jamaa's society!

In the crystal display wall in the image above, we see five different crystals which Jammers have come across through the numerous adventures AJ has released over the years. It appears that we have yet to discover two more crystals, which I am guessing will be red and indigo (or pink) if we are basing the colours off the spectrum.

What I find to be most interesting about crystals is how many uses there seem to be for them. They can open portals, power technology, unlock objects, and even serve as currency!

While not confirmed, it also seems like a lot of other things are powered by/contain crystals too, such as:

Spirit Armour:

The Forgotten Desert:

Pretty much EVERYTHING in the temple of the ancients:

The crystals embedded within Zios' mask and the ones in the bass that keep it afloat.

And the glowing crystal used to make the Crystal Alpha statues from Epic Wonders:

credit to Animal Jam Wiki

Our knowledge of crystals, where they came from, and the full extent of their power is obviously quite limited. Even the description that the Alpha Headquarters gives us about them suggests this - stating that their origins are a mystery!

Now you might be thinking, "so what Arctic? Big deal - crystals are everywhere, we get it!"

Hold on a minute! This is where my theory begins!

I believe that once we discover all the crystals there are, by combining all the crystals' powers we might be able to do something crazy like bring back Zios and Mira.

Now yes, it does sound nuts, but hear me out. First, we have never had any adventures or situations in which we have combined the powers of multiple crystals at once. Perhaps having all of the crystals together will do something spectacular.

Second, almost as much mystery surrounds the true extent of crystal potential as surrounds Mira and Zios. If crystals and their origins are a mystery, and so are Mira and Zios', then it would make sense for the two to come from a similar point in time. Perhaps they share some origin story. This would explain why green crystals are embedded within Zios' mask and seemingly keep it afloat:

Lastly, there are many things in and around the Forgotten Archives that resemble portals.

The two I find to be most interesting are the portal shaped door that leads to the archives (pictured above) and the giant case of scrolls inside the Archives (pictured below).

Both of these arches contain spaces where crystals could possibly fit. Maybe by making a giant portal and combining the power of all the crystals, we'll finally discover where Mira and Zios truly went - restoring Jamaa in the process!

True or not, it's fun to theorize! What do you think? Let me know your thoughts below!

That's all for today, folks. See you soon!


  1. This is actually a very cool theory. I never realized how many uses gems have in Jamaa!

  2. This is an interesting aspect... Huh. The crystals themselves as an item are pretty cool...

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you could feature my blog. It's new so yeah. o3o
    Thank you and I understand if it's a no.
    Also, great blog! I love it!


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