Getting the Load of my Mind (more stuff edited in)

in a title are you suppose to capitalize 'my'? 

Title says it all I guess. I write this post with heavy fingers.

You probably have noticed I keep missing posts. When I miss posts on the AJAC its usually due to  me not being able to get on the right computer, or just not drawing at all that week. For here.. I can't find anything to post about except making fun of Animal Jam.
It's just not fun anymore, which is a shame. I actually don't know if its because I've played it so much, or because its actually boring. A lot of people have been saying AJ isn't fun anymore, youtubers views are dropping. <--- That's not why I'm quitting, its because I think its boring now, if it was confusing to you!

I probably won't quit AJ entirely, as I still draw there. I've been playing for five years.
I don't even really talk to anybody on there anymore due to google hangouts.
AJ has been so laggy of late as well.  It takes me a while to actually log  into the game.

Plus, I fell away from 3 friends, who I'm going to call A, B, and C just so it doesn't get confusing because there is sort of a story with this. A was really the only reason why I logged into AJ somewhat often, as I had nothing else to do there but talk. B and C were sisters, and I found out that A had said some not nice things to my friend, and then A and B said some not nice thing about my friend, and A had told B to stay away from the friend, for a prank we did, and  for some reason not everyone else who was involved in the prank. That was the last straw. And we are no longer buddies. And for some reason, even though me and C were still buddies after I unbuddied A and B, even though I thought we were good, unbuddied me, I didn't care too much,  but just why?

To add things to the bowl of reasons why, I play Fortnite, and have gotten back into CS (I fell out of it for a bit, now I'm back in fully though)

Whew, it feels good to get that off my mind. At this point I have no idea what I'm going to do with AJ or if I should quit this blog orr idk.

I really only play AJ because I draw on it I like to collect pets, and blogger parties! So I probably won't quit, but only log on pretty much to draw or for blogger parties?

I'd feel really bad about quitting this blog because I haven't really even been an author for a year yet I don't think. And I do have fun posting-if I can find something to post about, which has been hard.

I have no intentions of quitting the AJAC at all, so don't worry about that XD

Edit:  I've been playing Animal Jam for five years, and have just made so many memories, and been inspired by so many people. I guess we'll just see what happens. I'll try to find interesting little stuff in AJ, and post about it here. I really hate to see Animal Jam fall like this. And I'm waiting for the next generation of Jammers, it makes me super happy to see younger/newer bloggers get a kick out of the new update, it also makes me feel old... 😄

And honestly, I'm still waiting and wondering if my old roleplay buddy, Sarahhop2005 will ever log on again, she would probably be one of my best friends I've ever had, and we roleplayed for hours at a time. That's probably a desperate hope though.
I'm very thankful for Google Hangouts, let me tell you, its helped me know a lot of bloggers a lot better!

Have a good day! *tips hat*  I am not quitting (yet) just to make this clear.


  1. Ahhh, Sarah, I totally get ya. I've slowlyyyyyy lost interest in AJ. Or... I still LOVE AJ, I haven't lost that love. It's just become boring, as you said above. *sighs* I honestly hate this. I was expecting myself to play AJ for years and years. And... I doubt it now.

    If you quit this blog, I fully understand and respect that. I'll miss your posts so much but I understand. ;)

    I'm having bigggg thoughts about what to do with AJJ. *sighs again*

    THANK GOD FOR GOOGLE HANGOUTS THOUGH. XD Without that, I'd probably die.

    -Lost (too lazy to comment this on the phone where it works so uh I'm using Chrome which has Koolest's account signed in sooooo, just I'm anonymous. XD)

  2. I have a feeling who A, B, and C are.


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