Summer Sets and Carnival Laughs


Hyenas have ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-rrived!
They're waiting for you in the Diamond Shop, for the price of ten of the hard gemstones.
Their colors might not be found on the palette, so be careful in choosing shades.

AJ Jump is on sale, and how low can one even go?
I don't know of an app that costs less than $0.99 cents.

There's lots to do at the Summer Carnival.
I expect new games. Because new items are simply a must.

Above the waters, a Cruise Ship Party takes place.
Below that, Bahari Bargians, most likely the cheapest shop in all of the four oceans, is on a super sale.

In Sunken Treasures lie porthole portals for those who dare take one on a submarine voyage.
And there's even one for the free playing sailors.

And let's not forget the vine rug.
Are mats being made anymore?

As armor sets go in, new ones will mysteriously appear soon.
I believe I am on fire!

Not the best thing to say in front of a bunny.



  1. XD hyenas are cute , nice post ronen!

    1. They may be cute at AJ, but not irl! /).(\
      They're goofy. XD

  2. Replies
    1. Honestly, yeah, they're scary! XD
      But the ones at AJ are sorta cute! :P

  3. Vine rug I have that also candy cane rug!!!

    1. I have many rugs! Also the candy cane too! :P


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