Crocodile Couch Party


Does this couch look big enough to sit a group o at least five?
It always looks bigger in the dens does it not? I wonder how Mother Nature feels about players sitting on her creation.

Do you think parties should have more activities? In games like Club Penguin, at every party there's an objective to complete to earn a prize.
But at AJ parties, you simply enjoy the scenery, items, and party favors. I think we should be able to do more. The Paradise Party didn't seem like an exception, because it was journey book-based.

On the other hand, there's a video for your eye to watch in Sarepia Theater, about a hippo licking a croc.
What's the most unusual animal behavior do you know of?



  1. I agree, the parties are a bit boring. Maybe some new games or new people to talk to? (like guides/shamans/things)

    1. AWESOME idea! That way the parties could be more popular! :DDD

  2. I think it would be cool to interact, like actually interact with NPCs.


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