Leech Metal


Fight off the phantoms this Monday with the rare elf armor!
After donning this metallic back item, the phantoms should be the ones fearing you!

The metal is strong to withhold their attacks and electrocutions!
Never lose a heart again, for the metal that went into making this item is strong and weapon-piercing!

I discovered something today.
3+4+5=12, right? Gems is made up of four letters, which added to the amount of letters in the game I received the gems from, Hedge Hog, is also twelve. Coincidence? I think not!

Are leeches insects or sea creatures?
Find out in Brady's Laboratory!



  1. No offense, but I think you might be over-thinking it. It may have been a coincidence. Why were you that into thought about it anyway? Who am I kidding...? I would've done that too... :I

  2. Oh, oops! That last comment was by me, pnbjelly!

  3. The item is strange! What is it called?

    1. Although it looks nice on the wolf of the post from DE.


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