Jellyturtles and Aquaflies


Somebody call Niagara, for it's just been replaced...
...with a waterfall sprinkler! A couple of these in a water park den make for a good water slide.

Lots of creatures can be found in the spring. Look what Brady Barr's daughter's friend found in the latest creature feature!
What do you think about turtles? Do you have one in real life or in-game?

And this isn't all. Don't be surprised to see a swarm of butterflies, for they're the basis of this week's Jammer art!

And let's not forget our undersea pals, the jellyfish. But how can they navigate without eyes?
Fun Fact: jellyfish can sting, even when not alive.



  1. I think jellyfish might have some sort of "sixth sense".

  2. I used to have two small turtles, but my brother left the tank open and they escaped. No idea why we didn't see them on the run XD

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah! Is that really true? o3o
      I think so...

  4. The item is just waving upwards! Wahh! XD


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