Inline Warm Portals


Inline skates are awesome. Take it from me, a penguin who's never worn them.
The tip of the skates look like nostrils. Or eyes. Or whatever your imagination sees.

And speaking of penguins, watch the latest video about them doing the wave!
Wave your flippers in the air like you just couldn't be bothered!

The solar system is a vast place. It's made up of a lot of dwarf planets.
Who else to report this? None other than Graham, the monkey Alpha!
It would be super ironic if Cosmo took his place.

Speaking of space, imagine all the role-plays you could do in Jamaa? Including Doctor Who?
These den portals must have some reference to Doctor Who! Name as many fandoms you can role-play as in Jamaa!

And last piece of news but not least, the updated version of a beloved Jam-a-Gram, Horseplay!
I like both equally to be honest. It reminds me of My Little Pony.

Kwaheri Communiteers!


  1. Did you see the new "Cause An Uproar" jam-a-gram yet?

  2. I'm most likely going to use the portals for my kingdom role play.

    Btw as soon as to mentioned Doctor Who i was all like "I didn't even think of that! Now i have to and RP the episode doomsday like right now!"

    As for all the various fandoms you can RP in Animal jam i think my friends and i once did a "Once upon a Time" RP and you already know that everyone Role plays Warrior cats like every single day..

  3. The portals could be like minecraft O-O and the ender portal..
    But doctor who is good. ^.^


  5. @ anonymous
    Who doesn't? XD
    Inline skates really are amazing. I like going to skateparks with mine and trying to do cool jumps on ramps, failing epcily XD

    1. I never skated before. I'd like to try it out. Seems like a fun activity!

  6. OMG DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!! (fandom overload)


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