Happy Greely


Greely. Secretive Alpha. Prefers to be alone. Can trick and manipulate. The phantom's biggest fear....

I'd always thought I'd see the day when he had some sort of expression other than gloomy. I never expected it to be today.

And a little news to art enthusiasts!
has her own signature! From now on, she'll be signing all your Jammer art posts!

Liza's also a signature signer for Jammer Snaps as it seems.
Which is today's Daily Explorer post about, the latest Jammer Snaps assignment! Picnics.
What do you think the other Alphas will sign? Cosmo for Creature Features, Greely for News Crew, Sir Gilbert for Jammer Tips?

I have a tip for you. Be cautious around bugs and insects and research them before you do anything that could harm you or them.
The biggest insect in the world is bigger than even some birds!



  1. The tiki statue doesn't really seem to fit Greely.

  2. Eww that's disgusting. :/ I hate bugs!

  3. Pumaa will you send my prize from the contest to lion4pride? She's one of my great friends irl on Animal Jam. Ty

  4. Owe! Greely has his tongue out! He's so cheeky! XD


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