Snakey Heatwavey Chair


Some chairs aren't comfy enough for certain types of people. For all you nature lovers and role players out there, the grass chair awaits your rear end to take a seat upon it.
It reminds me of a '50s style couch, from the fifties.

AJHQ has made a video about trading, so should they make videos about parties?
I was thinking AJHQ should compile a series of party guides just like with their series of Sketch Jams. What do you think: Should guides be made or should players learn themselves?

Also, snakes have invaded the sea....
...a series of years ago that is! Check out the new video in Tierney's Aquarium.



  1. Huh. A grass chair. Erm, well, it's interesting, I guess... ;p

    1. I like it! But what if we actually fall! The grass can't hold us for long, can they? XD

  2. If you change the colors, flowers appear.

  3. I have this item in the garden section of my Crystal Den! I'm sweetpanda56789. Please check my den out! :D


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