Beta Buddy Fountain


Don't you just feel so bad for spring? I's being overrun with summery items. I mean, is it warm enough for today's item to be a fountain sprinkler?
Then again, these items could just be in honor of the heatwave party.

My buddy list scroll bar is under maintenance as it seems.
While it refreshes itself, let's take a look at an old video:

This was one of the first few trailers for National Geographic's Animal Jam.
I've seen quite the debate on whether the beta phase should return. If it did, all the fun features in the game would be gone, and since everyone then had equal rights, then nobody would be deemed rare. If AJHQ ever decided to return to that stage, I would mostly look forward to the artwork and the three story dens.

What would you want out of the beta phase? Do you think it should return? Do you think it's possible to change it back from what Jamaa is now?



  1. I think it would be better beta because non members don't get as many things as members

  2. I think beta would be better cause nonmembers get a nice big den and way more items i would also like beta because then there wouldn't be "Rare" People and "Non-Rare" People. I just really hate rares and how the game is pretty much all made up of trading. Another thing i would like about beta is the old Shaman designs, I would also like them to be called shamans again.

    1. I'd really love to see the Shamans come back as well, and I really miss how Jamaa has pretty much abandoned their culture too... I would also look foreward to the old dens and the whole "everything's nonmember" business.

  3. I want no memberships and everything non member so you don't need to pay for it.
    Anyone agree?

  4. Beta should come back, there would be no drama over ''rares''

  5. The scroll lock thing happens to me too! D:
    Frequently, a lot of times...

  6. awesomepandaBunny AJJune 9, 2015 at 6:55 PM

    If the beta days did come back, many people would quit animal jam, seeing that their beloved items become worthless and store bought day by day, and some jammers would quit animal jam feeling unrare and some feeling scammed by ajhq.


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