Sea Wings


Have you ever built a fort big enough to take space in? Well, for those pets who just love looking atop the sky and into the stars, today's item is for them. Please release the moat for the pet cardboard castle!
There's variations for lots of the pets you may own.

And since last week was pet week, there's no doubt that they wouldn't be honored in any other way than a Jammer art post on the Daily Explorer!
You know, I wish hummingbirds would return. They were exceptional and exotic pets. But I guess that's what makes me miss them.

And a strange sea glitch, consisting of a tiger named Bouncing Bravebrave.
Run, run like you swim!

Kwaheri Communiteers!


  1. Replies
    1. You didn't actually get the topic. He didn't say the name of the item is 'Sea Wings'. Lol.

  2. I would never know about this item unless I read this post! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D


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