Cheetah Pets


Pet cheetahs have arrived, but will be gone soon, and will come back, and will be gone soon.
Long story short, they're fast and you should catch them while you can.

Summer related stuff has returned, even though we're in the middle of spring. The water park den is quite nice... in June!
Summer is usually the season of a lot of funner stuff. The adventures began in this season, and I do expect for there to be underwater quests as well, and a visit from Harper the seal alpha.

And a new animal puzzle. This should be a game with all the animals that have already been released.
I don't think I should get everyone's hope up by showing the silhouette.

And new settings!
It makes a little ding when someone enters, too.

And some epic news is posted on the Daily Explorer.

And check the calendar every other day for fun stuff to do when you don't feel the vibe to have fun.



  1. Can you post more detailed, this post is completely rubbish.

    1. Don't say rude things like that authors put a lot of hard work into posting these amazing posts

    2. I kinda agree. Its ok to that this post doesn't have much feelings, just don't say things that will hurt the author, like wut u said: "this post is completely rubbish"
      Check out my blog:
      ~bhoang :)

    3. @Blueberryb
      Yeah, they shouldn't say those, right? I love the post anyway! ^.^

  2. Oh and when I said "feelings" wut I meant was details. Sorry. :T

  3. YAY pet cheat as there old at my time now!!!

  4. Replies
    1. Clothings look nice on them! They fit every clothing purr-fectly! XD

    2. Not getting one though, I'll probably get the Sugar Gliders which are cuter and more adorable. :P


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